When you want to connect to a host computer, there are 3 ways:
1. Send a Control Request to the host machine
Every time you connect, you need to send a Control Request.
2. Enter the temporary security code of host machine
The temporary security code is generated by the program. As long as the program on host computer is not restarted, the temporary security code will not change.
The above two methods are suitable for temporarily controlling the host computer, such as providing technical support to your customers.
3. Enter the security code of host machine
The security code is set by you manually, it will never change. Suitable for administrators to control their own devices. For example, you can control the computer at home in the company, or control the computer in the company at home.
Suggestions for password setting: The password needs at least 6 digits, the longer the password, the higher the security. It is recommended to use a combination of letters + numbers + special symbols.