Once you configure Recipient Settings and Controller Settings, it's time to access the Recipient from the Controller.  After inputting the device ID of the Recipient and click "Connect". You can see a window with two connection methods offered: Send a control request and Input security code.  For unattended access, the second option will be chosen. For a one-time connection,  you can choose "Send a control request to your partner". 

Send a Control Requst to Your Partner

Then, your partner will see a control reqeust on the Recipient. If "Allow" is chosen, you can remote into the Recipient. Otherwise, you'll fail to connect to  the PC. 

Note: To send a control request to your partner,  on the host computer  (the computer taht you want to control ), On the Recipient Settings, make sure "Allow to accept remote control" enbaled. 

Default Settings

If "Allow to accept remote control" is disabled on the host computer, you can't access the computer via sending control request.