When you work at home for some reason and need to remote to the company's computer, your operations, important files, or privacy on the computer’s pc don’t want to be seen by others in the company. Or you don’t want to be “surrounded”. It's easy to use AnyViewer to remotely access a company’s computer from a home computer, Android device, iPad, or iPhone. Anyviewer provides the privacy screen functions to achieve this.

▶ Blacken screen in remote access on Windows computer 

Before using this function, you should use the same AnyViewer account to log in to both computers and bind the device to remote connect.

Step 1.  On your controller’s pc, go to the controller toolbar and click Operation----Black the screen of the recipient.

Back Screen

Step 3. The recipient's pc will become a black screen, and your colleagues or roommates can not view content on this pc.

In short, the AnyViewer privacy screen can make the company’s computer black and provide you with definite privacy guarantees when you remote your company's computer from home. In addition, you can also  access the computer in Privacy Mode to protect your data and privacy security during a remote session.


  • To use this feature, the operating system of the recipient should be Windows 10 2004 or later version.
  • This feature is available in Professional and Enterprise Edition and isn't supported by Free Edition