It's easy to use AnyViewer to remotely access a computer from another computer, Android device, iPad, or iPhone.  To keep your activities on the remote computer invisible and information secure, it's recommended to access the computer in Privacy Mode.  If you haven't used privacy mode to access, you can blacken the remote screen after the connection is established. The steps are ultra simple. 

▶ Blacken screen in remote access on Windows computer 

Step 1.  On your local device, go to controller toolbar and click Operation.

Step 2. On the listed options, check Black the screen of the recipient

Back Screen


  • If you need to share the screen of the remote computer with the one on the other end, don't enable the option to black screen in remote access. 
  • To use this feature, the operating system of the recipient should be Windows 10 2004 or later version.
  • This feature is available in Professional and Enterprise Edition and isn't supported by Free Edition