[How-to Guide] One-Click Remote Access

AnyViewer Posted By @AnyViewer January 18, 2023

To regularly and frequently access one computer from another device, it's recommended to use AnyViewer One-click control feature. Now, see how to get it started. 

Part 1. Enable one-click remote access to the host computer (the pc that you need to access and control)

Step 1. Run AnyViewer, go to Log in > Sign up to create an AnyViewer account. Then, the device logs in and is assigned to this account automatically. 

Log in and up

Step 2. Go to Settings > Unattended and make sure that the first option is enabled. Otherwise, you can't access it with one click. 

One Click Remote Access

Part 2. Start one-clcik remote connection from the local deivce

Step 1. Run AnyViewer and log in to the same account on your local PC or mobile device.

Step 2. Go to Device, locate the remote computer on My devices list and click it.

Step 3. Click One-click control, and you can see the desktop of the remote PC immediately. You can use the remote PC without physical presence. 

Click One Click Control

On a mobile device, click One-click control, and you can access the remote PC right now!

Remote Control

All in all, to start a one-click remote desktop connection, you should complete the preparation work listed below:

  • Both devices should be running AnyViewer, log into, and assigned to the same AnyVeiwer account.
  • The host computer should enable One-click connect to the assigned devices