When You Need to Work Remotely?

  • Urgent Work Tasks

    Your job calls for immediate response for some important and pressing duties while you are out of office and the working computer.

  • File Access from a Distance

    You need to transfer or modify your essential working files a little bit while you’re on a sick leave or holidays that prevent you from your work PC.

  • Support for Complicated Situations

    Your team members or clients run into difficult problems beyond words, it’s best that you can assist them step by step.

What Can AnyViewer Do?

Fast, Reliable, Stable Access to Your Work Computer

  • Easy PC-to-PC, iOS-to-PC, and Android-to-PC remote control.
  • Fast remote connection by sharing your device ID.
  • Assured stable and steady connection as long as your computer is connected to the Internet.

Complete Work Computer at Your Fingertips

  • Access, edit and transfer critical files only available and editable on your working PC.
  • Conveniently use substantial and device specific working software of all fields including design, finance, architecture, manufacture, etc.
  • No more tricky situation of getting locked out from your account due to strong verification of some cloud based ERP, CRM work systems.

Rich Features for Smooth & Productive Work

  • One-click connection for assigned devices to ensure easy control of unattended computers - for many remote work cases.
  • Customize image quality, hide desktop wallpaper to get a smoother and even faster experience.
  • Send messages to the remote computer or chat with remote users..

100% Guaranteed Safety & Privacy

  • Disable mouse, keyboard and black the remote screen to prevent others from manipulating and seeing what’s displayed on your computer.
  • Automatically change security code for connection every time, set your own code manually or save the code for unattended access - maximized security and flexibility.
  • Shut down, logout, or lock your computer when disconnecting or for a break. AnyViewer makes sure there’s not the slightest privacy leak.

Why Choose AnyViewer?


By just several clicks, you can control or receive control. The whole process is as easy as winking.


No matter where you are or at any time, you can work anywhere like you are using your actual working computer.


No worries for data & file transfer safety with Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption and rich security settings.

How Does AnyViewer Works?

AnyViewer allows you to achieve unattended remote access, which means you can remotely access another computer to view files and folders even there’s no one sitting in front of it.

  • Step 1 Sign up for Anyviewer

    Download, install, and sign up for Anyviewer, and then log in your account.

  • Step 2 Achieve unattended access

    Click One-click control to achieve unattended remote access, share screen, start file transfer, restart office computer...then click OK.

  • Step 3 Safely disconnect

    With your remote job done, safely disconnect from the remote device and close AnyViewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I access my working computer when there’s no one around it?

    Anyviewer supports unattended access as described. First, you need to previously sign up for an AnyViewer account on your work computer and log in this account. Here your work computer will be assigned to the account automatically. When you are away and there’s no one around your work PC, you can log in the same account on another computer at your hand and find your work PC on the “Device” menu of AnyViewer. Simply choose your work PC and click “Remote Control”, you can access it like you are sitting in front of it.

  • How can I ensure there’s no privacy leak when working remotely?

    After connecting and controlling your work computer successfully, you can choose “Disable the mouse and keyboard of the recipient” and “Black the screen of the recipient” under “Operation” menu to stop others from manipulating or peeking at your computer.

  • Can I edit my important files, or use some paid software installed only on my work PC?

    Yes, you can edit all files, use any paid and large software 100% like you are using your work computer. This is the very best feature of AnyViewer that allows anyone to use professional software on-the-go without reinstalling it on other devices.

Customer Reviews

Mike S

AnyViewer is really a easy software. I've also tried many other similar products before, but this software is by far the best. Whether logging in or logging out is fast. For remote control software, I strongly recommend it and trust me, you’ll never forget it.

Lori B

I have ever tried a lot of programs and even paid some. But until I use Anyviewer, I didn’t find a satisfying one before. AnyViewer is simply the best. There are many fantastic features with it, like high quality, reliability, and free use. Don’t worry it will be unfriendly. I just want to say that don’t wait and just hurry up!

Sumedh S

Free AnyViewer is awesome.You just have to spend few minutes to download , install before your use. The user interface is so simple that you can easily understand what the function of every setting via the suggestion of the icon. I really love it for its strong functions, especially for me, a technician. Remote work, for me, is really important.

Karl T

I feel really happy to share with you guys all. As a crazy fans of Anyviewer, I recommend it here!As a commuter, I have to be forced to deal with many files after work. Anyviewer offers me the chance to access files and data on the remote PC. It makes work form anywhere come true. So, my friend, just try it and don’t hesitate.

Marat W

Till now, I can say my favorite software is Anyviewer, Unbelievably, its set up process is so quick! And every step of the operation is so easy. You don’t need to consider how to do next because there are clear suggestions for you. When my friends encounters some problems with his computer, I can easily control his PC to provide support with this free software.

Fahad K

After connection and control, I can chat with my friends to discuss some connection problems via messages, and we don’t need to change to another app to talk. It’s really very convenient. And what’s the most important is for free!