Why Need to Remotely Access Work PC?

Transfer Work Files

What to do when you receive a sudden overtime notice at home and need the necessary files on your office computer? Just access your office computer and transfer files remotely to your computer at hand.

Manage Power Remotely

When you suddenly remember that you forget to turn off your work computer on your way to a business trip, what will you do? Just remotely access it using your laptop!

Upgrade Office PC

How to upgrade your work computer when you are not in the office around it? Just remotely access your work computer and make it stay online and upgraded!

Why Choose AnyViewer?


AnyViewer is secured by Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption.


AnyViewer has a simple and intuitive interface, ensuring you an easy remote access process.


AnyViewer ensures you fast remote access to other computers without lag.


AnyViewer provides you with stable remote access without sudden breakdown.

What Can AnyViewer Do?

How Can AnyViewer Achieve Unattended Remote Access?

AnyViewer allows you to achieve unattended remote access, which means you can remotely access another computer to view files and folders even there’s no one sitting in front of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

I log off and restart the computer during remote access, can the remote access be continued after log off and restart?
The remote access will be terminated when you log off and restart the client. After log off and restart, you need to re-run AnyViewer to continue the remote access.
Why I can't copy files from the host computer during remote access?
During remote access, file transfer between the client computer and the host computer is temporarily not supported, this function will be supported in subsequent versions.
Which operating systems does AnyViewer support?
Currently, AnyViewer supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2.
Which ports need to be opened in order to use AnyViewer?
AnyViewer adopts UDP/TCP intelligent switching mode, generally it is not necessary to set the port permission for the firewall. If the host computer has set strict filtering rules, please open UDP 30196 and TCP 30192, 30193.
Can I use AnyViewer without logging in to it?
Yes, logging in to AnyViewer with the same account allows you to achieve a one-click connection. You can also achieve remote connection by sending a control request to your partner or inputting a security code if you don’t log in to it.

Customer Reviews

AnyViewer is really easy to use. I've used several other programs before and this one is by far the best. Logging in is fast. I've been using it for several years and I have no complaints. I never have any issues with connecting remotely.

Mike S

I have tested a lot of paid and free remote access software. AnyViewer is simply the best. I have not found any other software which would have these three qualities: high quality, reliability, and free. AnyViewer is the only one, in my opinion, that offers the three.

Lori B

AnyViewer is free and easy to use. It takes about 5 minutes to set it up on the host computer and even the most computer illiterate have been able to understand and get it working. I love that it also has a security code that I get to create which allows me to achieve remote access without anyone’s permission.

Sumedh S

There are times when you are away from home, and you need something urgently that is unfortunately, saved on your laptop or desktop. And the desktop or laptop are at home! At such times, this app proves to be very useful. You can browse your entire laptop right from your computer!

Karl T

I have got to say this is my favorite as far as remote access goes. It is super user friendly and easy to adapt to it. Although it takes some setup steps, its setup process is much easier that any other software.

Marat W

We have used it to allow our team to get access back to our main office network. This was much more versatile, secure, and faster than using a VPN to access files and programs directly. We were able to have users work from home and simply remote into their workstations at their desks and work as usual.

Fahad K