AnyViewer, great remote desktop software for controlling Windows computers from a Windows, iOS device, or Android, is featured with many functions once the remote connection is established. 

When you connect to the remote computer successfully, apart from some basic features like changing resolutions, adjusting image quality and hiding wallpaper, etc., AnyViewer offers shortcuts to important apps on the remote PC. Keep reading:

▶ Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Open a security window to select functions such as Logout/Lock/Task Manager.
▶ Lock: Lock the remote PC. 
▶ Logout: Log out of the currently logged-in Windows account. 
▶ Restart: Restart the remote computer. 
▶ Shut down: Shut down the remote device. 
▶ This PC: Open "This PC" on the recipient. 
▶ Task Manager: Open "Task Manager" on the recipient. 
▶ CMD: Open "Command Prompt" on the remote computer. 
Disable the mouse and keyboard of the recipient:  Once you checked the option, the physical mouse and keyboard of the remote PC will be disabled.
Black the screen of the recipientIf you check this option, the physical screen of the remote computer will be black.
▶ Lock the device when disconnected: If the session is disconnected, the remote computer will be locked automatically.


✍ Note: The features "Disable the mouse and keyboard of the recipient" & "Black the screen of the recipient" are only available on Professional and Enterprise Plan.