Overview of AnyViewer

AnyViewer is remote desktop software, specaily designed for remote into Windows computers from computer, iphoen or iPad. You can use it to control your remote PC without the space limiatioant for remote access or remote support. 

The ports used by AnyViewer 

It uses UDP/TCP intelligent switching modes; its UPD port is 30196 and TCP ports are 30192, 30193. 

How to allow AnyViewer ports through firewall

Usually, when you are using AnyViewer for remote access, you don't need to set port permission for the firewall.  If the host computer has set strict filtering rules, you may need to open UDP 30196 and TCP 30192, 30193.  Here are the detailed steps to allow AnyViewer ports through firewall. 

Step 1. On the Windows host comptuer, type "windows firewall" in  the search box and choose ""“Windows Firewall with advanced security”.

Windows Defender Firewall Advanced Security

Step 2. Click "Inbound Rules" and "New Rule". 

Inbound Rules Firewall

Step 3. Select "Port" and click "Next".


Step 5. Click "Specific local ports" and enter port number "30192" under "TCP".

Note: To open UDP 30196, here you need to choose "UDP" and type "30196". 

Step 6. click "Allow the connection".

Allow the Connection

Step 7. Select the network types you want to use, name the rule, and hit "Finish".

Confirm Check

Then, perform the same steps to open TCP 30193.