After realizing the Recipient Settings, you can have a look at Controller Settings.  Go to Settings > Controller and you can see the three items: Image Quality, Hide the desktop wallpaper, Save the security code

Controller Settings

Click the inverted triangle under Image Quality and you can set the image quality of the remote desktop window.

  • The default option is Balanced, taking the image quality and network speed into consideration to achieve a better experience of remote control.
  • When the network is good, choose High Quality to get a better visual experience.  This is a paid feature, mainly used to improve clarity when connecting to 2K and 4K resolution screens. To use it, you need to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise Plan.
  • When the network is poor, choose High Speed to make the pictures smoother. 


Enable Hide the desktop wallpaper and the wallpaper of the Recipient will be hidden during the remote session for a smoother display. 

Save the security code is enabled by default. Once you have entered a security code of a remote PC, the software will save it for the next automatic connection. If you disabled the option, you need to input the security code again even you have connected the Recipient.