Need Remote Support Urgently

  • Offer Help to Clients

    What to do when your overseas client encounters difficulty while using the software you developing? You can just remotely support him!

  • Install System for Friends

    When your friend doesn’t know how to install the latest version of their computer system and needs your help, what will you do? Just remotely support him!

  • Fix Issues for Family

    If your mother wants to download a new video app and doesn’t know how to do it, how can she fix this issue? You can remotely support her!

Why Choose AnyViewer?

  • Toolbar

    Use shortcuts of some practical operations such as lock, restart, task manager, CMD, facilitating the remote support process.

  • Instant Chat

    Communicate with the recipient during a remote support session, helping the controller to resolve the issue quicker.

  • One-to-many Support

    Remotely support several customers or colleagues at the same time, greatly saving time and energy.

  • Security Concern

    Block the mouse and keyboard of the controller from the recipient side, further protecting the data security of the host computer.

How to remotely support others?

  • Step 1 Input the device ID

    Download, install, and open AnyViewer on both devices. Ask for the device ID of the recipient, input it and then click Connect.

  • Step 2 Send a control request

    In the pop-up window, click Send a control request to your partner first and then click OK.

  • Step 3 Achieve remote support

    Then recipient will receive a request on the lower-right corner of their screen. Click the green button to make the remote support session successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the remote desktop be displayed adaptively?

    Yes, the adaptive display is supported. You can also manually adjust the size of the remote desktop, or turn on the full-screen mode in the toolbar.

  • Can one host computer be controlled by multiple devices at the same time?

    One host computer can be remotely controlled by multiple clinets.

  • Why is there no image after connecting to the host computer successfully?

    It may be that the host computer failed to connect to the transit server, please close AnyViewer on the host computer and resend the control request.

Customer Reviews

Sean B

AnyViewer allows me to quickly fix anything wrong with my 93-year-old mother-in-law’s laptop without having to go to her house. As long as her wi-fi is on I can take command and fix anything quickly.

Heather K

This product allows me to quickly remotely control my clients’ computers to troubleshoot and monitor issues. I would highly recommend this as an alternative to high-priced products.

Greg S

AnyViewer has been of great help. Most of our staff have installed this product on our computers. We have not had any issues with it! And it is very convenient for us to control each other’s computers and solve IT problems.

Agatha U

I’m a computer technician. Most of my friends rely on me to help them solve computer problems. I use AnyViewer to remotely control their computers and provide them with remote support. This has greatly saved my time.

Alan S

AnyViewer is a worthy. It has been a perfect alternative to many priced remote access apps. It makes remote support so easy as it provides stable and fast remote connections. It is also easy to get started with its intuitive interface.

Malinda L

The thing I value the most about AnyViewer is that it is safe and secure enough. Some of my customers mentioned that they have quite important and sensitive information on their computers, and wish the whole connection process to be safe enough, AnyViewer perfectly meets their requirements.