Meet AnyViewer for Windows

Designed to make accessing your home or office Windows computer easier, more secure, and more affordable, AnyViewer for Windows allows instant connection to your files, applications, and programs, providing a seamless experience as if you were right in front of your desk.

Improved Productivity

Maximize your efficiency with a suite of powerful productivity tools. AnyViewer offers features such as unattended remote access , drag-and-drop file transfer, and remote reboot, enabling you to complete tasks swiftly and keep your clients satisfied.

Enhanced Security

Rest assured with AnyViewer's top-notch security features. It employs banking-grade 256-bit ECC encryption, two-factor authentication, access in privacy mode , and other robust security measures to safeguard every remote session to Windows.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce expenses associated with physical travel and on-site technical support. AnyViewer allows you to manage and access remote Windows computers from anywhere, saving time and money, and increasing overall operational efficiency.

Easy Connection with AnyViewer for Windows

AnyViewer for Windows can be used in different scenarios, analyzing and resolving tech issues on clients' computers, accessing office computer from home, managing multiple computer devices effectively and more.

Work at any location

Employees working remotely or traveling can seamlessly access company systems, applications, and files on unsupervised Windows computers around the clock from any device.

AnyViewer's robust remote access features ensure that business data is transmitted securely between employees and the organization.

Transfer files in real time

AnyViewer enables swift and dependable file transfers between Windows computers with just a few clicks, ensuring real-time access.

Users can transfer files seamlessly during a session, outside of sessions, or simply by dragging and dropping.

End-to-end encryption safeguards your data against unauthorized access, maintaining its security.

Technical support from afar

IT professionals can rapidly connect with customers to diagnose and fix issues on their Windows devices.

AnyViewer optimizes remote problem-solving for IT professionals, accelerating and enhancing the efficiency of the process.

Furthermore, a collection of handy shortcuts makes troubleshooting even more straightforward.

Device monitoring and asset management

Leverage AnyViewer to effectively access and manage numerous Windows computers across your organization.

Group devices for streamlined management and optimize your company's assets in a cost-efficient way. It is also allowed to configure different role permissions to sub-accounts for better management.

Improve monitoring by incorporating employees' devices, particularly those of remote workers, into screen walls for enhanced monitoring.

Collaborate from anywhere

Use the screen sharing capabilities of AnyViewer for conducting remote presentations and training sessions effortlessly.

Participants can engage in discussions and share screens in real-time, thanks to high-quality image, audio, and text chat features.

AnyViewer's remote access software for Windows ensures that your team stays connected and productive regardless of their physical location.

Mobile screen mirroring on Windows

AnyViewer seamlessly integrates with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Users can effortlessly mirror their mobile screens onto Windows computers, enabling demonstrations of mobile apps on larger screens and facilitating multitasking. This feature enhances collaboration and productivity by providing a seamless cross-platform experience.

Steps for Unattended Windows Access with AnyViewer

  • Step 1 Prepare AnyViewer for the remote Windows

    Download install, and launch AnyViewer on the remote Windows computer beforehand. Register for an AnyViewer account and log in. Ensure that AnyViewer remains active and running.

  • Step 2 Get AnyViewer on the local Windows

    Follow the same procedure to install AnyViewer on your local Windows computer. Log in using the same account credentials as on your computer.

  • Step 3 Connect to the unattended Windows computer

    Navigate to the Device tab on your local Windows computer, select the target Windows computer, and initiate unattended remote access by clicking One-click control.

See what's new on AnyViewer for Windows

AnyViewer continually updates itself to deliver improved performance and enhanced security. It promptly addresses reported issues and develops new features, ensuring timely troubleshooting and problem resolution. Our mission is to provide a product that empowers you to achieve remarkable feats, no matter where you are in the world.


User Reviews for AnyViewer for Windows

AnyViewer for Windows is a widely trusted software among global users, and garners praise from its satisfied clientele. Discover firsthand testimonials from our esteemed users.

Thomas C

AnyViewer exceeded my expectations, offering a truly seamless experience. Remote access has never been this smooth!

Joseph B

The immersive features of AnyViewer set it apart. Navigating through the application is a delight, making it frustration-free.

Emma D

Kudos to AnyViewer for providing a solution that truly lives up to its promises. The seamless experience is a game-changer for remote access.

Matthew J

Reliability is key, and AnyViewer consistently delivers. The smooth performance and stable connections have made it my go-to remote access solution.

Charles J

The stability of AnyViewer sets it apart. Even during challenging network conditions, it remains steadfast, providing a seamless experience.

Alexander M

The ease with which I can connect and control devices using AnyViewer is remarkable. It's not just about remote access; it's about making the process genuinely user-friendly.