2024 Comprehensive Guide: How to Mirror Phone Screen on PC [Android & iPhone]

If you're looking for how to mirror your phone screen on your PC, this comprehensive guide offers a detailed tutorial. Moreover, it introduces diverse options for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a seamless experience when sharing your screen. Continue reading to discover the best methods for mirroring your phone screen on your PC.


By Carolyn / Updated on May 16, 2024

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How can I see my phone screen on my PC?

In the era of seamless digital integration, the ability to mirror your phone screen on your PC has become a valuable asset for various tasks, from presentations to multitasking.

Indeed, mirroring phone screens has become quite accessible with the abundance of available software. It's not limited to just mirroring PC to phone; you can also mirror your phone to your PC. However, finding the right solution for remote phone screen viewing can pose a challenge. The array of options can be overwhelming, making it essential to choose a solution that aligns with your specific needs.


Don’t worry. This guide will walk you through the steps to achieve this connectivity, offering an immersive experience that bridges the gap between your mobile device and your computer. The solutions outlined in this article cater to not just Android devices but also iOS devices. Continue reading to find the option that best suits your requirements, ensuring compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms.

How to mirror phone screen on PC [5 Ways]

How to mirror your phone screen on PC? This is a question that many users are looking for answers to. You can use various apps and methods to mirror your phone screen to your computer. Apart from this, there are many users who want to know how to mirror Android phone on PC.

Discovering the right solution that supports both Android and iPhone devices can be challenging. However, this article offers insights into 5 methods of screen sharing that accommodate both platforms, eliminating the need for multiple software downloads. Enhance your screen sharing flexibility by exploring these versatile options. Keep reading to find the answers you seek.

Way 1. AnyViewer

AnyViewer stands out as a highly recommended choice in the realm of remote desktop software with screen mirroring. As a secure, robust, and free solution, AnyViewer seamlessly integrates screen mirroring capabilities, facilitating the effortless sharing of your phone screen with your PC, regardless of your location. This software empowers users to remotely and wirelessly project their phone screen onto a PC, transcending geographical constraints. The exceptional advantages offered by AnyViewer include:

  • Free Access: AnyViewer extends free plans suitable for personal and commercial use, delivering a comprehensive set of features and permissions to cater to diverse user needs.
  • Unlimited Sharing: AnyViewer eliminates limitations on screen sharing, offering boundless sessions with no time or spatial constraints. This includes the capability to share screens across different networks, even with the free version.
  • High Performance: AnyViewer distinguishes itself with high-performance capabilities, ensuring a rapid and responsive connection experience for users.
  • User-Friendly Interface: AnyViewer boasts a clean and straightforward interface, promoting ease of use and swift connections for an enhanced user experience.
  • Advanced Features: Serving as an all-in-one solution, AnyViewer goes beyond screen sharing, incorporating a range of valuable features such as one-click control, real-time text chat, and more.

The operations of AnyViewer for Android and iPhone are the same. The following will take the iPhone as an example to explain the steps of screen sharing:

Step 1. Begin by downloading AnyViewer on all your relevant devices, including your iPhone. Install the application and launch it.

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Step 2. Access the "Log in" section on your device and proceed to click on "Sign up" to create your AnyViewer account.


Step 3. Log in to AnyViewer on your device using the account credentials you've just established.


Step 4. Identify your iPhone on your device and select the option "View screen."


Step 5. On your iPhone, grant permission by clicking "Allow" in response to the screen view request.


Step 6. Initiate the screen-sharing process by clicking "Start Broadcast."


Step 7. Enjoy the convenience of viewing your iPhone's screen on your PC remotely. Additionally, utilize the toolbar to adjust the image quality as needed.


★Tips: To broaden your capabilities for remote screen viewing and gain access to more Phone devices, consider upgrading your account to a Professional or Enterprise plan. This elevated tier provides an enhanced experience and ensures seamless connectivity.


Way 2. AirDroid

AirDroid is a popular mobile device management application that empowers users to mirror, manage, and control their Android devices remotely. It creates a wireless connection between your phone and computer, providing convenient access and control.

Nonetheless, it's important to note that the free version of AirDroid Cast is restricted to local network connections. To utilize the service across different networks, a subscription fee is necessary. Because Android operates similarly to iPhone, this tutorial will explain how to perform screen mirroring using Android as an example.

Step 1. Begin by downloading and installing AirDroid Personal on both your Android device and computer.

Step 2. Open the application on your Android device, sign in, and ensure that you grant the necessary screen mirroring permissions.


Step 3. Log in to your AirDroid Personal account on your computer.


Step 4. On the computer interface, click the telescope icon, locate and select your Android device, then opt for "Screen Mirroring." Alternatively, you can use the "Remote Control" feature to control your Android device from your PC.


Step 5. Enjoy viewing your Android screen on your PC seamlessly.


Way 3. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is an outstanding application for mirroring Android to PC and vice versa. It not only enables control of your Android device using a mouse and keyboard but also allows you to control your PC with your Android device. What makes ApowerMirror unique is its support for both wired and wireless connections, providing users with added flexibility in screen casting and enhancing overall versatility.

Nonetheless, ApowerMirror comes with certain drawbacks, including potential costs for accessing full features, dependency on a stable internet connection, a complex setup process for some users, compatibility issues, and advertisements present in the free version. Because Android and iPhone operations are similar, this guide will use iPhone as an example to guide you through the steps of screen mirroring.

Step 1. Install ApowerMirror on both your iPhone and computer to initiate the screen mirroring process.

Step 2. Ensure that both your iPhone and PC are connected to the identical Wi-Fi network.


Step 3. Launch the ApowerMirror app on your iPhone. Pick "LocalCast," find your computer, select its name, and click "Mirror Phone to PC" to seamlessly initiate screen mirroring.


Step 4. Open the Control Center on your iPhone, select "AirPlay Mirroring" or "Screen Mirroring," and opt for your computer's name to establish a connection effortlessly.


Step 5. Your iPhone screen is now mirrored seamlessly on your PC. Enjoy the mirroring experience!

Way 4. LetsView

LetsView provides a cutting-edge and free application that seamlessly integrates with both iOS and Android devices. By installing the app on your PC and Phone and ensuring they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can easily initiate the process of mirroring your phone's content on your PC. The following is a simple guide on how to wirelessly mirror your iPhone screen on your PC.

Step 1. Head to the App Store and install LetsView on your device.

Step 2. Make certain that both your iPhone/iPad and PC are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. Launch LetsView on both your iOS device and your computer.

Step 4. On your iPhone, select "Screen Mirroring" and pick your PC using LetsView.


Step 5. Opt for "Share my screen" and click "Start Broadcast" to commence the screen-sharing process.


Step 6. Open the Control Center on your iPhone, tap "Screen Mirroring," choose your PC from the list, and witness your screen mirroring on your PC.


Way 5. Vysor

Vysor stands out as a flexible screen projection and control tool. Crafted by ClockworkMod, Vysor provides a smooth and user-friendly method to mirror your phone or tablet to your PC. This functionality enables users to engage with their mobile devices using a larger screen and keyboard. The app's setup is uncomplicated, empowering you to run diverse applications, play games, and capture screenshots.

Nonetheless, it's important to be aware of a limitation in Vysor—several crucial features are exclusive to the subscription-based model. Features like high-resolution Android screen mirroring and wireless screen sharing are only accessible through a paid subscription, introducing a cost factor to fully unlock the app's potential. Here’s a simple guide on how to wirelessly mirror your Android screen on PC.

Step 1. To enable Developer Options on your Android device, go to "Settings," select "About phone," and tap "Build number" seven times. This will unlock Developer Options on your device.


Step 2. In the Developer Options, activate "USB Debugging."


Step 3. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android, search for "Vysor," and install the app.

Step 4. On your PC, go to the official Vysor website, download the Windows version, and complete the installation.

Step 5. Launch Vysor on your PC and sign in using your Google account credentials.


Step 6. Connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable, then launch the Vysor app on your Android.

Step 7. Click "View" in the Vysor app on your PC to see the mirrored screen.


Step 8. Experience the seamless interaction between your Android device and your PC using your computer's mouse and keyboard.



All in all, this article provides 5 effective methods to help you solve the problem of how to mirror phone screen on PC. Choose the one that suits your needs, follow the steps provided, and unlock the potential to seamlessly connect and control your phone on a larger PC screen.

After comparison, it is not difficult to find that AnyViewer will be the best choice. It provides users with a free plan that meets their needs and has a simple and clean interface that is convenient for users to operate. It also supports Android and iOS devices to provide users with flexibility.