5 Tested Ways to Mirror Android to PC

This post introduces six tested ways to mirror Android to PC. If you want to display your Android content on a bigger screen, choose from the five options and follow the step-by-step tutorial to make the most of this capability.


By Ellie / Updated on December 21, 2023

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How can I mirror my Android phone to my PC?


I've been trying to figure out how to mirror my Android phone to my PC, and I'm hoping some of you tech-savvy folks can lend a hand. I've got Samsung S9 and Windows 11, and I'm looking for a reliable and user-friendly way to mirror my phone screen on my computer.Any recommendations, tips, or step-by-step guides would be greatly appreciated! ”

- Question from Reddit

Run Android Apps on PC

In this tech-driven era, the need for seamless connectivity between our devices has become more essential than ever. If you're wondering how to mirror Android to PC, you've come to the right place. This article will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

How to mirror Android to PC with ease [5 ways]

Here are five ways to screen mirroring Android to PC. it's essential to note that all options also grant control over Android from a PC, enabling tasks like running apps, playing games, and managing files.

To assist you in choosing the right tool, here's a swift comparison of the five methods outlined below.









Free & Paid

Free & Paid

Free & Paid


Connection methods


Wireless & USB

Wireless & USB

Wireless & USB

Wireless & USB

Wireless range

Local & remote


Local network

Local network

Local (free) & remote

(paid) network

Local network

Screen mirroring






Screen control






Way 1. AnyViewer

AnyViewer emerges as a top-notch free remote desktop tool, effortlessly enabling screen mirroring between Android and Windows. Share your Android screen on a PC or vice versa, and extend the capability to mirror Android screens on other mobile devices (both Android and iOS). AnyViewer ensures a straightforward, swift, and stable screen mirroring experience, all at no cost.

Step 1. Download and install AnyViewer on your Android from the app store.

Step 2. Open AnyViewer, login, or register.

Log In

Step 3. Once logged in, locate your Android device within the My devices list.

Android Device

Step 4. Now, proceed to download and install AnyViewer on your computer.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/Servers
Secure Download

Step 5. Log in using the same account credentials. Head to the "Device" section on your computer, where you'll find your Android device listed. Choose your Android device and click on "View screen." For added control, select "Remote control."

Remote Control Android

Step 6. On your Android device, grant permission by tapping "Allow."

Request to View Android Screen from PC

Step 7. You've successfully mirrored your Android screen to your PC.

Android Full Control

Unlock extra features in Android screen sharing by upgrading to a pro or enterprise plan. This allows you to mirror multiple Android screens simultaneously, enhancing your ability to multitask effectively.

Way 2. Vysor

Another approach to mirror your Android screen on your PC is through Vysor. The setup process for the app is straightforward, allowing you to run various applications, play games, and take screenshots—basically, anything you can do on an Android device.

However, it's worth noting that Vysor comes with a drawback; many essential features require a subscription. From high-resolution Android screen mirroring to wireless screen sharing, these functionalities are only available with a paid subscription.

Step 1. On your Android, go to Settings, select "About phone," and tap "Build number" seven times for Developer Options.

Enable Developer Options

Step 2. Turn on "USB Debugging" in Developer Options.

Turning USB Debugging On

Step 3. Get the Vysor app from the Google Play Store on your Android.

Step 4. Download and install Vysor on your PC from the official website.

Step 5. Open Vysor on your PC, and log in with your Google account.

Sign Up with Google

Step 6. Connect your Android to your PC using a USB cable and open Vysor on your Android.

Step 7. Click "View" to see your Android screen on your PC.

View Android Screen

Step 8. Now, your Android screen is mirrored on your PC, and you can control it with your computer's mouse and keyboard.

Android Remote Control

Way 3. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror stands out as a remarkable application for mirroring Android to PC and vice versa. In simple terms, it not only allows you to control your Android using a mouse and keyboard but also empowers you to control your PC with your Android device.

However, ApowerMirror has drawbacks such as potential costs for full features, reliance on a stable internet connection, a complex setup for some users, compatibility issues, and ads in the free version.

Step 1. Download and install ApowerMirror on both your Windows PC and Android device.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging in the developer options.

Step 3. Connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable (approve the USB debugging prompt on your Android).

Step 4. Open the app and tap "START NOW" to grant screen capture permission.

Android Mirror ApowerMirror

Way 4. AirDroid

AirDroid is a widely used mobile device management app, that enables users to mirror, manage, and control their Android devices remotely. It establishes a wireless connection between Android devices and computers for convenient access and control.

However, the free version is limited to local network connections; a fee is required for usage across different networks.

Step 1. Download and install AirDroid Personal on both your Android and computer.

Step 2. Open the app on your Android, sign in, and grant screen mirroring permissions.

Enable AirDroid Screen Mirroring

Step 3. Log in on your computer.

Sign in

Step 4. Click the telescope icon, select your Android, and choose "Screen Mirroring". You can also use "Remote Control" to control Android from PC.

Airdroid Screen Mirroring

Step 5. Now, see your Android screen on your PC.

Screen Mirror Android to PC by AirDroid


SCRCPY, pronounced as "screen copy," is an open-source application that allows you to display and control Android devices from a desktop computer. It provides a way to mirror and interact with an Android device's screen directly on your computer wirelessly or using a USB.

However, its command-line interface may be less user-friendly for some, and occasional compatibility issues with specific Android devices may arise.

Step 1. Enable "USB Debugging" on your Android in Developer Options.

Step 2. Download Android SDK Platform Tools for your computer OS.

Step 3. Connect your Android to your PC via USB.

Step 4. Get SCRCPY from scrcpy GitHub, extract the ZIP file, and run scrcpy.exe for installation.

Step5. In the command prompt, type "scrcpy" and press Enter.

Run scrcpy

Step 6. Enjoy seamless screen mirroring and direct control of your Android device from your PC.

Control Android from PC via scrcpy

The bottom line

In conclusion, exploring the diverse ways to mirror Android to PC opens up a world of possibilities. Choose the one that suits your needs, follow the provided steps, and unlock the potential of seamlessly connecting and controlling your Android device on a larger PC screen. Experience the future of device interaction with these tested solutions.