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AnyViewer is a remote control software developed by AOMEI. Help our partners grow business with profit-maximizing discounts and a variety of flexible custom solutions.


AnyViewer reseller program enables participants to resell our products to customers in store, onsite or online at great discount, increasing greater profits in a minimal inventory investment.

3 Steps to be AnyViewer Reseller

  • Step1
    Online Apply

    Fill out the application form so that we can understand your basic information, and then we will review your application.

  • Step2
    Email Respond

    AnyViewer Reseller support team will negotiate details about cooperation, such as price, terms & conditions and delivery.

  • Step3
    Buy and Resell

    We will help you create your own marketing plan associated with agreed terms and conditions. Then you can resell products to your clients to create your own recurring revenue stream.

Affiliate Program

AnyViewer Affiliate Program is for website owners, bloggers ,youtubers who get a high volume of traffic. Just simply refer traffic to AnyViewer products and you can earn up to 70% commission from each sale.

3 Steps to be AnyViewer Affiliate

  • Step1
    Online Apply

    Sign up for the affiliate programs on your related platforms from 2checkout, MyCommerce. or Partnerize

  • Step2
    Build Project and Promote

    Browse the affiliate network for products, links, images, and all other relevant contents to decide the products you’d like to sell.

  • Step3
    Get Paid

    Earn a commission on every purchase click through the tracking links on your website.

OEM Program

Become AnyViewer OEM partner and fit all of your needs.You can embed AnyViewer technologies with your products and customize your products to fully aligned with your own company’ style and brand identity, adding value to your products and expanding market.

  • Rebranded OEM

    You can OEM AnyViewer product with your own brand name and brand logo. Offer your customer reliable remote desktop solutions. And Win the trust of your customers under your brand name.

  • Customized OEM

    AnyViewer products can be customized according to your needs including name, interface, and other program logic.

Integrate Program

Integrate AnyViewer to your product to improve the value of your solutions. And you can help your customers remotely with more steamlined service process and efficiency. To satisfy different demands.

  • Quick Integration

    Quick integration allows you to integrate AnyViewer products with AnyViewer brand name directly, no changing of the software interface and interaction, no any customization of products.

  • Rebrand Integration

    Rebrand integration enables you to rebrand AnyViewer products with your brand name to integrate but there is no o changing of the software interface and interaction, and also no other customization of the software.

  • Customized Integration

    Customized integration allows you to customize AnyViewer products to integrate. The name can be rebranded, the software interface and interaction can be changed and also it can be customized to fit all your needs.

Benefits of Being a AnyViewer Partner

No threshold

Whether you join AnyViewer reseller or become affiliate program partner, there is no charge for free registration.

Competitive Profit

Exclusive reseller discounts, commission rates up to 70% to guarantee your profit. With growing sales, you get even bigger discounts and margins.

Reliable Program

AOMEI Technology is an internet company with 14 years+ of experience in software development. Has worked with trusted affiliate networks for years, so our program can helps you understand, reach your audience easier, and pay faster.

No technical require

Our professional technical experts will provide you with free and unlimited support whenever you need it.

1-1 Partner Manager

You’ll have VIP customized service from our 1-1 marketing manager to frame different solutions according to your business models, and get tips to support the customers.

Training Services

AnyViewer offers partner training services to help gain a better understanding of our products and improve selling techniques, skills, and processes.

Acclaim of Authoritative Media We Won

AnyViewer is installed for us in less than five seconds and has a really simple user interface that's easy for anyone to understand right off the bat. completely free of charge.

AnyViewer is a straightforward piece of software, packing lots of functionality in what might look like a minimal interface, thus making it a worthwhile choice for remote desktop connections.

AnyViewer ist eine Remote-Desktop-Software, mit der Sie einfach einen anderen PC fernsteuern können, um beispielsweise Ihrer Familie, Freunden oder Kunden bei Windows-Problemen zu helfen.

AnyViewer is easy, secure, and free to use on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It enables PC-to-PC and Mobile-to-PC remote control. It provides a wide range of capabilities, such as unattended remote access, file transfer, multiple sessions, and chat functionality.

AnyViewer is a high-performance remote desktop access software that help us to connect PCs in a simple way. It is stable, high quality, and it is easy to use. Its low latency brings us a great remote control experience.

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Get started by joining one of our partner affiliate networks. If you are already an Affiliate, please log in. Do search "AOMEI", and grab your unique link of AnyViewer. Then you can boost your earnings by recommending AnyViewer.

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