AnyViewer, overall & reliable remote access software that can be applied to Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, is helpful for remote work and remote support.  Download, install and run, AnyViewer on the host computer and client computer. Once the remote connection between your local computer and remote computer via AnyViewer, you can easily enable or disable wallpaper.  Here is the detailed process on how to turn on or turn off the background for the remote computer. 

▶ Turn on the backupground of the remote computer 

By default, the desktop wallpaper of the remote comptuer will be hidden during remote session. To unhide wallpaper, in the remote session window, you need to click "Image Quality" and click "Hide the desktop wallpaper" to disable "Hide the desktop wallpaper". Then, the wallpaper of the remote PC will show up.

Unhide WallPaper


▶ Turn off the background of the remote computer 

If the networks are not in good condition and you can hide the background of the remote comptuer for a better experience. All you need to do is jut click "Image Quality" and click "Hide the desktop wallpaper" to eanebl it. And the wallpaper will be hidden. 

Hide Wallpaper