You might need to work remotely at home or control your home computer in the office frequently. In this case, it is convenient to connect the remote via a fixed remote password. How to set up AnyViewer to accomplish this? Here are the detailed instructions.
Step 1: Download and install AnyViewer on company computer and home computer.
Step 2: Run AnyViewer and set the remote connection mode under Settings-->Recipient. Please enable "Set my security code" to set a fixed password so that you can connect remotely at any time.

Security Code

Step 3: Set AnyViewer to run at system startup in Basic.

Run at Startup

Step 4: Run Anyviewer on the company and home computers. When in the company, you can enter the ID and password of the home computer to connect to the home computer remotely. Or enter the ID and password of the company computer when you are at home to connect to the company computer remotely.


Input Security Code

Step 5: When you connect to the remote computer successfully, you can control the remote computer and do any operations.
For more settings about AnyViewer, please click here.

  • AnyViewer needs to keep running on both computers during remote.
  • When reboot Windows, the remote connection will be disconnected, you need to enter the security code again to regain access to the remote computer. You could connect to the remote computer when it is still on the Windows login interface.
  • The computer should be set to not automatically enter the sleep/hibernate mode, but the monitor can be turned off.