By Canace / Last Updated July 19, 2021

What can you do with instant remote support function?

When your client encounters some problems, how can you help him rapidly solve those problems and make your client happy with your service? This will make you truly dependable to your client. Give him an instant remote support is a great way to allow you to rapidly help troubleshoot on your client’s computer. By remotely controlling your client’s computer, you will obviously know what the problem is and respond to on-demand support.

Three different remote access applications: remotely help troubleshoot on other computers.

Generally, the most essential part of remote access applications is providing instance remote support function. Here are three remote access applications that allow you to give quick remote support to your client. If this instant remote support software supports unattended connection model, you can even control your own corporate computer at your home to realize telecommuting.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is a Windows tool, you don’t have to download it on the Internet. It can connect two computers so that you can help troubleshoot or fix problems on other person’s computer.

How to use:

Step 1. Hold Windows key and press R, and type ”msra” on the entry bar of Run box to open Remote Assistance.

Run box

Step 2. In the computer which needs others’ help to fix problems, choose “Invite someone you trust to help you” and choose” Save this invitation as a file”.


Step 3. Choose a path to save this file and a pop-up window which contains a password will appear. Send this file and password to the computer that offers help.

Attention: Do not close this pop-up window. Once you close this window, the connection will be canceled and you need to do the aforementioned steps again.


Step 4. On the computer that offers help, double-click this file, type the password in the entry bar and press OK. Then the connection between the two computers is established.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop can be considered as a Chrome extension. As long as the two computers sign in to a Google account and install the extension, the two computers can establish a connection through Google Chrome browser.

How to use

Step 1. Open Google Chrome browser, search “” in the address bar and press ENTER. Click download icon on the loaded website and follow directions to install Chrome Remote Desktop.

Download icon

Step 2. After installing Chrome Remote Desktop, the one who needs other’s help needs to go to Remote Support window, click Generate Code and send this temporary access code to you.

Step 3. You should go to Remote Support window and type this code in the entry bar and click OK.

Chrome Desktop


AnyViewer is a reliable remote access application, and it contains a clean interface which can help users use it easily. It supports you to send “Ctrl+ Alt+Del” directly to open Task Manager on the host computer and it has multiple connection methods, and unattended remote control is one of the connection methods. Please feel free to download it.

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How to use:

Step 1. Install and open AnyViewer on both two computers.

Step 2.In the controlled computer, go to Settings>Recipient, and allow to accept remote control.


Step 3. In your computer, type the device ID of the recipient’s computer and click Connect.

Security code

Method 1: Send a request

Step 1. Choose “Send a control request to your partner” in the Request Control window and click OK.

Step 2. Your partner will receive a request pop-up window. He needs to click Allow and the connection will be successfully established. But if he clicks Deny, the connection will be canceled.

Control request

Method 2: unattended remote control

Step 1. In the unattended computer, you need to do some preconditions to make sure the connection isn’t blocked. Go to Settings>Recipient, allow“Set my security code” and type the security code as you like in the input field.

Step 2. In your computer, after input the device ID of the unattended computer, choose “Input security code” in the Request Control window and type the security code you set in the unattended computer. Click OK, and you can take control of that computer.

In this post, there are 3 different remote access applications which enable you to provide instant remote support. Remote Assistance is an easy-to-use Windows tool, so you can use it straightly without downloading; Chrome Remote Desktop supports connecting a PC with your Android or iOS device which enables you to establish a connection anytime and anywhere; AnyViewer, an easy-to-use remote access application, supports you to send “Ctrl+Del+Alt” combination directly.