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What is remote access and how remote access works?

Remote access can also be explained as remote control of a computer by using another device connected via the internet or another network. This is widely used by many computer manufacturers and large businesses help desks for technical troubleshooting of their customer's problems.


Remote access allows users to connect two devices via the Internet to solve problems. The computer which controls another computer is called client computer, and the controlled computer is the host computer. During remote access, the client computer dominates this whole connection. The operation of client computer will be captured by remote access software and those operations will be copied on the host computer. At the same time, the graphics of the host will be displayed on the client computer. After understanding this definition, you may want to ask: how can you remotely access another computer over the Internet? Is there any remote access application that can be used freely to realize remote access? In this post, you will learn about two free remote access applications and you can choose the one you like to use.

Remotely access another computer over the Internet via [two utilities]

As you understand the basic principle of remote access, you may wonder how to use remote desktop to connect computer over the internet. Here are two different applications that will be introduced to you.

How to: use Remote Desktop to connect computer over the Internet

Remote Desktop Connection is a Windows tool which widely used to make a connection between two devices. As long as you input the host computer’s IP address and name, you can get the control power of the host computer. Here are specific steps.

Step 1. Set up a VPN to use Remote Desktop Connection over the Internet

Step 2. Before you start the connection, you have to change some settings in host computer to make sure there is no error occurs during the connection. Hold Windows key and press R to open Run Box, and type “sysdm.cpl” in Run Box to open System Properties Window.

Step 3. Go to Remote tab, make sure “Allow remote connections to this computer” option is checked and “Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended)” is unchecked.

Allow connection

Step 4. In the client computer, Type ”Remote Desktop Connection” in the search box and click “Remote Desktop Connection”.

Step 5. Type IP address of the host PC and click connect.

Remote Desktop Connection

How to use: AnyViewer to remotely access another computer for free

AnyViewer supports multiple systems, helps you make a stable and fast connection between two computers. Its multiple methods to connection suit many different situations. Please feel free to download it.

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How to remotely access another computer over the internet windows 10? Please follow those steps to use AnyViewer with ease.

Attention: make sure the Internet of both computers is available

Step 1. Download, install and run AnyViewer on the host computer and client computer.

Temporary Code

Step 2. Go to Settings>Recipient, make sure those three items illustrated by the following picture are checked. And in the entry bar, you can type your own security code. (This security is very important, please don’t tell someone you don’t trust)


Step 3. In the client computer, type the host computer’s device ID which is automatically set by the software in the main interface, and click Connect. Then there are 2 connection methods you can choose from.

Security code

Step 4. Method one, “Send a control request to your partner”. When you help a friend to solve some computer problems, you can choose this method. After click OK, your friend will receive a request pop-up window. After your friend allows this request, the connection will be successfully established. If your friend denies it, the connection will be canceled.

Control request

Step 5. Method two, ”Input security code”. The security code contains the temporary code and my security code. Temporary code always changes once you restart this software. You can type temporary code when you connect to your friend’s computer. As for my security code, it’s the code that you just set in Settings. You can type my security code when no one operates the host computer. After click OK, the connection is established without the permission of the host computer.

Remote access makes it possible to connect a computer to another computer. This post briefly introduces how remote access works and how to remotely access another computer over the internet.