By Annie / Last Updated April 1, 2022

Need to access another computer on the same network

“I have two home computers on the same LAN. The desktop uses Windows 10 Enterprise and the laptop uses Windows 10 Professional. The two PCs are in different rooms and I occasionally need to obtain files saved on the desktop when I’m using my laptop. It's troublesome to go to another room to view the files on the desktop.  Can I remotely access the desktop from the laptop on the same network?"

Remote access PC on the same network without downloading third-party software

For remote access, the PC that you want to access is called the host computer, and another one is called the client computer. If the OS of the remote computer is Windows Enterprise or Professional Edition, you can enable Remote Desktop and then use Remote Desktop Connection to remote into another computer on the same network. If the host computer is running Windows Home Edition, Remote Desktop isn't supported and you can turn to Remote Desktop alternative for Windows 10 Home.  Now, refer to how to set up Remote Desktop on the host computer for granting remote connection and then take control of the computer from the client computer. 

The first stage: Set up Remote Desktop on the host PC 

First of all, Remote Desktop should be enabled on the PC that you want to connect to. Click “Start” icon and choose “Settings” > “System”> “Remote Desktop”; in the pop-up window, turn on the switch for Enable Remote Desktop and click “Confirm” to save the change. During this process, you can view the computer name of the PC, remember it for connecting to the PC.

Enable Remote Desktop

Then, you need to change firewall settings to allow Remote Desktop to through Windows Firewall. In the search box, input “Allow for apps through Windows firewall” and open it; click “Change Settings” button, check “Private” and “Public” for Remote Desktop; then click “OK”.

Allow for Remote Desktop

The second stage: remotely access another computer over RDC

After completing Remote Desktop configuration on  the host PC, you can access the computer from your local device on the same internet by following these steps:

Step 1.  On your local Windows computer, type “Remote Desktop Connection” in the search box and open it.


Note: If your current device is iPad or iPhone, you need to download RD client for iOS from the Apple Store, and then you can access Windows computer from your iOS device using RD client. 

Step 2. Now, you’ll in the Remote Desktop Connection interface, type the name or IP address of the computer that you need to access and click “Connect”.


Step 3. You’ll be required to input login credentials (user name and password). After that, click “OK” and you can connect to the PC within the same network. There are chances to get a message saying that the identity of the remote compeer cannot be verified. If so, check “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer” and dick “Yes”.

After connecting to the remote desktop, you can manage files or run apps on the remote computer.

 The above steps are for accessing a Windows computer from a Windows computer within the same network using Microsoft Remote Desktop. If you need to connect to the remote PC from Mac, Android, or iOS, you need to install the RDP client on your device from its application store. 
To access a PC using RDP from outside under different networks, you need to find out the public ID of the remote PC, set up port forwarding, and so on.

Access PC on the same network or different networks

After getting into the detailed steps on how to remotely access another computer on the same network using Windows Remote Desktop, it's time to have a look at the professional & fast remote access solution offer, AnyViewer.  It enables you to connect one PC to another PC on the same network but also on the different networks; it is compatible with all editions, including the Home edition, of Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7; and it doesn't ask you to adjust computer settings but offers easy and concise interface. 

Now, free download the remote control and support software by clicking the download button. 

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 and Win Server
Secure Download

Important: With AnyViewer for iOS, you can access a computer from your iPad or iPhone as well. 

Step 1.  Sign up for an AnyViewer account; install and run AnyViewer on the two PCs. Then, click "Log in" and "Log in " to log in to the same account. And the PC will be assigned to the acccount. 

Log in

Step 2. On your local PC, click "Device" and you can see what device have logged into the AnyViewer account. Locate the remote comptuer that you want to control, click it and click "Remote control" to achevie unatttended remote access with 1-click.  Then you will  access another comptuer in the same network or a different network. 


Note: To view the remote PC without its screen being seen by others, you need to upgrade to an advanced plan

Step 3.  After connection, you can see the desktop of the remote computer appears on the client computer, as you were sitting in front of  another computer and you can access files, restart it, open Task Manager, and so on. 




If you just need to get remote access to a PC on the same network, you can easily achieve your goal with Windows Remote Desktop. If you don't want to figure out the IP address of the PC or the PC is running Windows Home Edition, you can turn to AnyViewer to connect to a PC from your local PC or iOS device on the same network or different networks.