how to set shortcut keys of Anyviewer

AnyViewer Posted By @AnyViewer April 23, 2024

Remote Desktop Connection is a convenient feature that allows users to connect to other computers remotely and control them remotely. In addition to the mouse, menu options and Windows operating system also provides a series of shortcuts to enable users to connect to the remote desktop more quickly and efficiently to do some operations, in this article, we will introduce how to set Anyviewer shortcuts key, then you can use custom shortcut keys to quickly perform operations related to remote control.

Shortcuts are not enabled by default and this option are off by default:

Users change the shortcut keys and then click the Restore Defaults button, the shortcut keys are restored:

  • Switch screen Shift+Alt+S
  • Switch tabs Shift+Alt+D
  • Window/full screen mode Shift+Alt+F
  • Show/hide menu bar Shift+Alt+H
  • Minimize window Shift+Alt+W
  • Turn on/off mouse lock in remote window Shift+Alt+L
  • Enable message Shift+Alt+M
  • Enable file transfer Shift+Alt+R
  • Play/turn off recipient sound Shift+Alt+C
  • Disable recipient mouse and keyboard Shift+Alt+1
  • Disable recipient screen Shift+Alt+2

These shortcuts will help you connect to and operate remote desktops more quickly and efficiently. For example, you can switch windows between the remote desktop and the local computer. By pressing the Shift key, Alt key and S key continuously, switch tabs in a browser or multi-tabbed page to switch to full screen mode to shrink the remote desktop session.