How to Use License Code to Activate AnyViewer?

AnyViewer Posted By @AnyViewer March 29, 2023

When you have a license code for the Professional or Enterprise version, you need to enter the license code on the AnyViewer interface to activate the program. The following are the specific operation steps:

Step 1. Log in to your AnyViewer account.


Step 2. After successful login, click the down arrow to the right of the user name, and select "Enter License Code".

Enter License Code

Step 3. After entering the license code, click "Register".


Step 4. After successful registration, a confirmation window will pop up, it will display your license code, purchased version, and remaining days of activation.


Step 5. You can also see the activation expiration time on the main interface.

Expire Date

Step 6. When you purchase a new license code and register again, the expiration time will be automatically extended.

Extend Expiration