How to set the Network Agent

AnyViewer Posted By @AnyViewer June 26, 2024

Adding network proxy settings in remote tools can significantly enhance security and network management capabilities. By configuring a proxy server, users can hide their real IP addresses, restrict access, improve network performance, log activities, and bypass network restrictions.

Use Cases:

Remote Work: Employees can connect to the company's internal network through a proxy server while working remotely, ensuring secure and stable data transmission.

Cross-Department Access: Different departments can access shared resources through a proxy server, ensuring access control and data security.

How to configure network proxy:

Before this, you need to run and login to the enterprise account.

Click the Network option under settings, then configure proxy IP address and port, which are required field, while the other Username and Password are optional files.


By integrating proxy settings in remote tools, enterprises can enhance security, manage access effectively, and ensure the smooth operation of remote work scenarios