Q: Which operating systems does AnyViewer support?
A: Currently, AnyViewer only supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
Q: Why can't the remote desktop be displayed adaptively?
A: Adaptive display is not supported temporarily, you can adjust the size of the remote desktop, or turn on full-screen mode in the toolbar.
Q: Why can't I use the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+Del?
A: This version does not support the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+Del, the subsequent versions will support it.
Q: Can one client be controlled by multiple consoles at the same time?
A: One client can only be remotely controlled by one main console. When the client is controlled by a new machine, the last remote connection will be forced to terminate. The subsequent versions will support one console to control multiple clients at the same time.
Q: Can one master console control multiple clients at the same time?
A: Yes, one master console can control multiple clients at the same time.
Q: I log off and restart the client during remote control, can the remote control be continued after log off and restart?
A: The remote connection will be terminated when you log off and restart the client. After log off and restart, you need to re-run AnyViewer to continue the remote connection.
Q: Why is there no image after connecting to the client successfully?
A: It may be that the client failed to connect to the transit server, please close AnyViewer on client and resend the control request.
Q: Why I can't copy files from the client during remote control?
A: During remote control, file transfer between the main console and the client is temporarily not supported, this function will be supported in subsequent versions.
Q: Which ports need to be opened in order to use AnyViewer?
A: AnyViewer adopts UDP/TCP intelligent switching mode, generally it is not necessary to set the port permission for the firewall. If your host has set strict filtering rules, please open UDP 30196 and TCP 30192, 30193.