How to Perform Remote Desktop Dell - Easy Setup

This post introduces how to perform Remote Desktop Dell, you need to enable RDP on the host computer and then establish an RDP connection from the client PC. Besides, we also introduce an easier RDP alternative, read on to learn more!


By Hester / Updated on January 5, 2023

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How do I use Remote Desktop on my Dell laptop?


Ok, I got a brand new Dell laptop. Works great! Except that I like to use Remote Desktop to connect to remote systems! How do I use Remote Desktop Dell? Does anybody have instructions for this? Thanks.”

- Question from Dell Forum

RDC Slow

How to use Remote Desktop Dell

On Windows devices, you can set up Remote Desktop to allow remote access to your computer via the Remote Desktop Connection. This functionality is typically used to provide remote support or control a device or server while not being present physically.

In this part, we will guide you on how to enable Remote Desktop and establish Dell remote control.


Part 1. Configure Remote Desktop on host computer

Step 1. Open Settings, and click System > Remote Desktop. Then turn on the Enable Remote Desktop toggle switch.

Tip: You can find your PC name under “Use this PC name to connect from your remote device”.


Step 2. Click Confirm in the pop-up window.


Windows Defender Firewall sometimes may block Remote Desktop connections. To avoid RDP not working, follow the next steps to change your Firewall setting.

Step 1. Go to: Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall.

Defender Firewall

Step 2. From the left pane, click Allow an App or Feature Through Windows Defender Firewall.

Allow App or Feature

Step 3. Tick Remote Desktop and hit OK.

Tick Remote Deskop

Part 2. Establish a connection from client computer

Step 1. Search Remote Desktop Connection in the start menu and Open it.


Step 2. Enter the IP address and username of the host PC, then select Connect.

General Tab

Step 3. Enter the password and click OK if prompted.

Enter Your Credentials

Bonus tip: Rmote Desktop alternative for Dell [safe & stable]

Although RDP is convenient to use without any downloading, it has a lot of limitations. For example, it does not support Windows Home editions, it has file transfer limits, it requires complicated settings in different network, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable Windows Dell remote desktop software, AnyViewer could be the best choice for you.

Why you choose AnyViewer:
Easy-to-use. It has initiative interface and you can perform any remote task with simple steps.
Auto-adapt. It will automatically adapt to different network conditions without VPN or port forwarding.
Compatible. It supports several systems, including Windows Home/Standard editions.
All-in-one. It can meet all your demands for a remote desktop software, such as unattended remote access, transfer large files, share screen, control multiple monitors, etc.
Safe & Stable. It is developed by a professional technical team and secured by ECC encryption, promising you a safe and stable connection without interruption and data leakage.

Step 1. Download, install, and open AnyViewer on your Dell computers.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 2. On the host computer, go to Log in on the left pane, and click Sign up.

Log in AnyViewer

Step 2. Fill in the information and click Sign up.

Sign Up for AnyViewer

Step 3. Log in to the same account on the client computer, and here you can also see the assigned devices.

Free Editions

Step 4. Go to Device, select the computer you want to connect and click One-click control.

Tips: As you can see, you can also view screen, transfer files, lock/reboot/shut down computer remotely with one click.

Connect to My Devices

Now you can control the remote computer like you were sitting in front of it.

From the upper toolbar, there are several shortcut operations you can use: change the screen resolution, change image quality, chat, etc.

Remote Access Operations

Notes: You can also upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise plan then the following rights will thereafter be yours:
Assign more devices.
Enjoy more concurrent connection channels for an Enterprise plan.
Enjoy more simultaneous sessions.
Connect in privacy mode to strongly protect your privacy.


Hope this post can help you in performing Remote Desktop Dell. Before Remote Desktop Connection can be used, you need to enable it on the host computer, and you also need the host username and IP address to establish the connection. The process may be complicated for users who don’t need much computer experience, in this case, we recommend you use AnyViewer, an easier remote desktop tool for Dell.