How to: Dell Mobile Connect Transfer Files

This post introduces how to use Dell Mobile Connect to transfer files. First you need to download Dell Mobile Connect, then connect your phone to your PC, and then you can transfer files between your devices.


By Hester / Updated on April 18, 2023

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Can we transfer files using Dell Mobile Connect?


I'm a photographer, and I stored a lot of photos on my Dell laptop, and sometimes I need to transfer the files between my phone and my laptop. My colleague and are both using the Dell laptop, and he told me that there is an app named Dell Mobile Connect that can connect the phone and Dell laptop but we both never used it. Can we transfer files using Dell Mobile Connect?”

- Question from a user

How to perform Dell Mobile Connect transfer files

Dell Mobile Connect is a program that allows you to perform many normal smartphone functions directly on your PC. You can call, send and receive messages, use any mobile app on the PC, etc. when you successfully connect your phone to your laptop using Dell Mobile Connect. We'll explain in this post how to perform Dell Mobile Connect transfer files.

Part 1. Preparation work: Connect your phone to your PC

Before operations, make sure both your phone and your Dell laptop have Dell Mobile Connect downloaded and Bluetooth opened.

Step 1. Go to Microsoft Store on your Dell laptop to get Dell Mobile Connect, and then launch it.

download dell mobile connect on pc

Step 2. Choose your phone type and click Next.

choose phone type

Step 3. Search the app store on your phone or scan the provided code to download the Dell Mobile Connect app.

connect your phone to your pc

Step 4. After downloading, click installto perform the installation on your phone and then open it.

install dell mobile connect

Step 5. Enter the code in your laptop (Step 3).


Step 6. Then a Bluetooth paring request appears, click OK to connect to your laptop.

connect via bluetooth

Step 7. Now the connection is successfully established, and you can see the control interface on your laptop.

phone calls

Part 2. How to transfer files via Dell Mobile Connect

After successfully connecting your phone with your Dell laptop, now follow the next steps to perform Dell Mobile Connect transfer files.

Note: Only pictures and videos are supported to transfer using Dell Mobile Connect.

Transfer files from mobile to Dell laptop

How to transfer files from mobile to Dell laptop? In this part, we offer you detailed steps to do the job.

Step 1. Click Files on the left pane and then you can choose to transfer pictures or videos based on your need.

select pictures or videos

Step 2. Hover on the particular file you want to transfer, and then click Get on the thumbnail.

get file from phone

Step 3. Double-click the file to open it on your computer, then click the three dots at the upper-right corner, and then click Save as to save your file on your computer.

save picture

Transfer files from Dell laptop to mobile

Step 1. Select Files on the left pane, and click the three dots at the upper-right corner, and then select Copy to phone.

select copy to phone

Step 2. Select the target file you want to transfer in the browser window and then click Open.

Bonus tip: How to transfer files from laptop to laptop

In addition to sharing photos and movies between your phone and Dell laptop. Occasionally, you might also need to transfer files from one computer to another while at work. In this case, we advise using AnyViewer, third-party software, for the following advantages.

Easy-to-use. It has easy operations to transfer files without restrictions, you can transfer files from laptop to laptop directly if you’ve logged into the same account.
Fast. It has a fast file transfer speed to improve your work efficiency and save time, it only costs about 20 seconds to transfer a 2 GB zip file from the local to the remote computer.
Compatible. It allows several Windows versions, including Windows OS and Windows Server OS.
User-friendly. It offers a chat box for text communication and it won’t lock the host PC during connection.
Multi-function. In addition to file transfer, you can also use AnyViewer to get unattended remote access to desktops, laptops, or servers without complicated settings, then you can share screen, play PC games, or manage your computer remotely whenever you want.
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. On the client computer, go to Log in on the left pane and then click Sign up(you can log in directly if you have already signed up).

log in anyviewer

Tips:  AnyViewer also supports IOS devices. You can remotely access PC from iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Fill in the sign up information.

sign up for anyviewer

Step 3. Log in to the same account on other devices. Then you can see the assigned devices.

free editions

Step 4. Go to the Device interface to select the target device you want to transfer files to, and then click File Transfer.

file transfer anyviewer

Step 5. A File Transfer dialog box for transferring files between the PCs is now available. The right of the box presents the client PC, and the host PC is on the left. Select the files and click the right arrow to transfer them to the client PC. Select the files and then click the left arrow to transfer them to the host PC.

choose files

You can see the transfer status at the bottom of the box. Right-click to pause or remove the tasks.

transfer status

✐ Notes:
A single file smaller than 100 MB can be transferred using AnyViewer's free account, and you are only permitted to transfer up to 100 files at once. To transfer larger files, upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise plan. The following rights will thereafter be yours:
Transfer multiple files all at once.
Speedier file transfer. Transfer speed for a free account is 500 KB/s, but it can reach 10 MB/s for a paid account.
Assign more devices to the same account to achieve direct file transfer.
Connect to the host computer in privacy mode so that you can block the remote PC's keyboard and mouse and black its screen.


This post is a tutorial on Dell Mobile Connect transfer files. First, you need to download the Dell Mobile Connection both on your Dell laptop and on your phone, and then you can transfer pictures or videos via this app after the connection is established. Besides, we offer you a bonus tip about transferring files between PCs, which may be helpful to you in your work.