AeroAdmin vs. TeamViewer: Which Is Better Remote Desktop Software?

This post is a complete comparison of AeroAdmin vs. TeamViewer regarding features, compatibility, pricing, and more. It will significantly help you find out the best remote access solution. Please keep reading to learn more.


By Hester / Updated on May 30, 2023

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AeroAdmin vs. TeamViewer

Remote access software has become a necessity in many companies worldwide, and it is used for various tasks, such as accessing files from a remote place, remote troubleshooting, and transferring files between local and remote.

However, how can you choose the ideal one for your business or personal use? So, we compared the two popular remote access software, AeroAdmin vs. TeamViewer, based on key criteria such as functionality, ease of use, pricing, and security.



AeroAdmin is an all-in-one remote desktop application that enables complete remote computer control, including unattended access, concurrent remote connections from and to a single computer, file transfer, and the capacity to connect to an illimitable number of endpoints (remote computers).

Aeroadmin Logo


TeamViewer is a market-leading remote access software. It provides software for both online collaboration and remote management. Users can access interactive screen sharing, file sharing, remote access, and fully integrated audio and video online conferencing capabilities with TeamViewer.



Here are the operating systems supported by AeroAdmin vs. TeamViewer.

Operating System






Chrome OS






Interface and ease of use

Both software tools have intuitive interfaces as follows. AeroAdmin is relatively easy to use because it can be started immediately after downloading without installation or configuration. Users can conveniently establish a remote session by entering the target ID and PIN code. However, TeamViewer offers more functionality tabs on the main interface, and users can easily start the remote control, access the remote administration interface, or schedule a meeting from the left pane.

AeroAdmin interface

Connect to Remote PC

TeamViewer interface

Teamviewer Main Interface


TeamViewer vs. AeroAdmin are all-in-one remote access solutions with rich features. However, most features are designed for premium accounts. Here we will compare the features of AeroAdmin free and TeamViewer free.


AeroAdmin free

TeamViewer free

Unattended remote access

(Time limit: 17 hours per month)

(only available for personal use)

File transfer


Remote reboot

Concurrent sessions

(Maximum of 2 concurrent connections)


Multiple monitor support


Real-time chat


Mobile access


In summary, there are several significant limitations with AeroAdmin free and TeamViewer free. To access more features, you need to pay for subscription plans.



Aeroadmin offers a free version and three paid plans (billed annually): Pro, Business, and Corporate. The price is started at $80/year and varies from the operator working seats you demand.

License comparison

Key features





Commercial use

Connection time limit by ID (hours per month)


No limit

No limit

No limit

Allowed endpoints by ID (per month)


No limit

No limit

No limit

Number of concurrent connections on one computer



No limit

No limit

File transfer


Contact book


MSI deployment





Four paid options (each with a 14-day free trial) are available for TeamViewer: Remote Access, Business, Premium, and Corporate.

You need to buy a license (paid annually) ranging from $24.90/month to $229.90/month to access more TeamViewer features. Check these plans in detail.

Pricing Plans



AeroAdmin uses powerful AES-256 and RSA-1024 cryptographic keys for end-to-end encryption. This technique is based on the same standards as https/SSL and corresponds to modern international security requirements.

Aeroadmin Security


Teamviewer is generally risk-free to use. It employs AES 256-bit encryption, which is a well-known high-quality standard. You can also enable two-factor authentication, request a password reset in response to suspicious activity, and add trustworthy devices to a safelist.

However, Teamviewer has numerous security flaws. External password leaks in 2016 made it feasible for user accounts to be illegally used to deplete bank and PayPal accounts. In 2017, it found a flaw that enabled hackers to take over users' devices while it was possible to take over users' devices while hackers took over users' devices while logged into their desktop PCs. Thankfully, the engineers quickly filled the space. This is why it's crucial to set up Teamviewer settings correctly. Take all necessary safety measures.

What is better than TeamViewer vs. AeroAdmin? AeroAdmin is the most affordable remote desktop program because of its simple design. However, AeroAdmin requires more scalability, which is a significant downside. TeamViewer is feature-rich software ideal for medium to large-scale enterprises but somewhat pricey. Keep reading if you're looking for a free remote access program with comparable essential capabilities.

Best free alternative to AeroAdmin and TeamViewer for Windows

AnyViewer is powerful yet free remote access software that offers several features for both personal and commercial use.

Free features of AnyViewer include:

►Unattended remote access. One-click remote control another computereven if no one is there.(without time limitation)

►Screen sharing. Share your computer screen with others.

►Flexible remote desktop file transfer. Transfer files in a remote session or use file transfer mode without requesting remote control.

►Concurrent sessions. Establish multiple remote connectionsat once.

►Multiple monitors. Control a remote computer that is linked to two or more external monitors.

►Remote reboot and reconnect. Reboot the remote computer and automatically reconnect to it.

►Instant chat. You can instantly send and receive messages with your partner during the remote session in the chat box.

►Recent connections list. You can check the recently connected devices of your account.

It's pretty simple to utilize AnyViewer. Please download, install, and run it on your computers:

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Click Sign up to create a new account on the host, then log in.

Log in Anyviewer

Step 2. Log on to the client using the same account. The account will be assigned to your device once you successfully logged in.

Free Editions

Step 3. Go to Device, select the device you want to connect, and click One-click control to start a connection.

Connect to My Devices

Tips: For users with more than two remote computers, AnyViewer offers upgraded plans that allow for one-click control of up to 100 machines and the ability to control up to 10 devices at once remotely.

Final Words

AeroAdmin vs. TeamViewer, which one is better for you? If you have yet to decide, we recommend using AnyViewer, which allows you to enjoy comprehensive features at the lowest cost.