By Ellie / Last Updated August 9, 2021

Remote into work PC from home over RDP

“How to remote into work PC from home?” is a common problem regularly asking by most people, especially in recent years. People face an increasing need for remotely accessing their data and files on their work computer when they work from home.

Control work computer from home is not that complicated as you imagine with the development of technology. RDP is one of the most famous remote software on the market. It is a Microsoft technology that allows one computer to connect over a network or the internet to a PC at your workplace. Here in this post, you’ll get to know what you need to prepare before remote control and how to remote into a work computer from home over RDP.  

What needs to do before remote into work PC from home over RDP?

Before you control work computer from home, you need to check out three things about your work computer.

System edition

Microsoft allows you to use Remote Desktop on your Windows, Android, or iOS device to connect to a Windows 10 PC from afar. But the host computer can only be Windows 10 Pro. Thus, you need to follow the steps below to check whether your work computer is Windows 10 Pro or not. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System and look for Windows edition. If it’s not Windows 10 Pro, you can Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro.

Windows Edition

Enable Remote Desktop  

If you have checked that your work computer is Windows 10 Pro, you need to make sure that the host computer allows remote control. The detailed steps are listed here: Start > Settings > System > Remote Desktop, and turn on Enable Remote Desktop.


Finally, you need to know the PC name of your computer. The detailed steps are listed here: Start > Settings > System > Remote Desktop, and your PC name is under the “How to connect to this PC”. Note down the PC name of your work computer, you’ll need it when you try to remote into work PC from home.

PC Name


How to remote into work PC from home over RDP?

If you’ve done all the preparation work mentioned above, then you could start to remote into your work PC from home.

Step 1. Search for Remote Desktop Connection in the Search box on your home computer. And then open it.

Remote Desktop Connection

Step 2. In Remote Desktop Connection window, type the PC name of your work computer in the box, and then select Connect. All you need to do is to wait for the connection to complete.


Remote Desktop is also available for other devices, like Android or iOS device. If you are using an Android or iOS device at home, then you can download it from Google Play and the Mac App Store for free. After finishing the installation, you could repeat the steps mentioned above to start your remote connection.

Note: When your work computer and home computer are not on the same network, you must request remote access to the network through VPN or forward ports on your router, since most companies have security measures in place to prohibit accessing resources from outside the corporate network. The whole procedure can be pretty complicated, you could ask professional technicians in your company for help.

Professional third-party tools: AnyViewer

RDP has specific requirements for Windows edition. What if your work computer system doesn’t fit the requirements? How could you achieve remote connection then?

Here we recommend you a professional and free third-party remote control tool AnyViewer. It is available for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012 R2. You could remotely access files and data on your work computer from home.

Download Freeware Win PCs & Servers
Secure Download

If you want to get an important file on your work computer when you are working at home, the first thing you need to do is to download AnyViewer on both your work and home computer.

Temporary Code

On your work computer: you need to click on Setting and then Recipient. Tick all three options. Then set a security code in the box.

Accept Remote Control.

On your home computer: you need to know the device ID of your work computer first. Then you have three options to achieve remote connection.

Option 1. Input a temporary security code of your work computer.

Temporary Security Code

Option 2. Input a security code of your work computer.

Security Code

Option 3. Send a control request to your work computer. Then your work computer will receive a pop-up request to control it. This won’t allow you to establish a connection directly. You need to ask your colleague to click Allow to achieve remote control.

Request to Control Your Device