By Fiona / Last Updated July 20, 2021

Brief introduction for PC remote control app

PC remote control application is a tool for people to control a computer with another computer over the internet from a long distance. You can use it in your private time or in your work time. For example, when your friend faces a technological computer problem that he can’t fix by himself, you can use a remote control app to help him in your own house with your own computer. And if you have to use the company computer to finish your work but you are not at company, you can use a remote control app to control the computer in company over the internet to finish your work.

Three different remote control tools for PC

After knowing the convenience of remote control, you must wonder which application is suitable for you. Here are 3 different kinds of remote control applications for you. They have different advantages and you can choose the best one according to your own requirement.

Option1: Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is a windows tool that controller can help recipient solve some very difficult computer issues by taking full control of recipient’s computer.

How to use:

Step 1. Before using the remote desktop connection, you have to change some system settings in the computer that you want to control to make sure the connection will be successfully established. Open run box by pressing windows key and R, then type “sysdm.cpl” to open the System Properties window.

Step 2. Click Remote tab and check “Allow remote connections to this computer” option and make sure “Allow connections only form computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended)” option is unchecked.

Remote Connection

Step 3. Press the window key and type ”Remote Desktop Connection” in Search box and click ”Remote Desktop Connection”.

Step 4. Type IP address of the client PC and click connect.

Computer IP


  1. Remote Desktop Connection is a Windows tool, so you don’t have to download it on the internet.
  2. Remote Desktop Connection allows controller to take full control of recipient’s computer with high authority, it is very convenient for controller to solve professional computer issues for recipient.


  1. Recipient can’t know what controller is doing when controller controls the computer, so you have to take the high risk of security and data leakage to use Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Remote Desktop Connection works well on the local network, but if you want to use it over Internet, you have to do many extra operations, like setting up a VPN or configuring Port Forwarding.
  3. It is necessary for controller to have good computer skills and sufficient relevant knowledge.

Option2: Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is a windows tool that allows controller to view recipient’s computer’s screen and allows controller to remotely control the mouse cursor and type of the recipient’s computer.

How to use:

Step 1. Press R and Windows key, then type in “msra” and hit Enter.

Run Box

Step 2. Controller chooses “Invite someone you trust to help you” option.

Remote Assistance Option

Step 3. Controller should send a request control section to recipient.

Step 4. After the request is allowed, the connection will be established.


  1. Remote Assistance is a Windows tool, you can use it without downloading.
  2. The operating system is much easier than Remote Desktop Connection, and you don’t have to change so many settings or do extra operations.


  1. Many problems can’t be solved through Remote Assistance.
  2. Users have to take a high risk of security.
  3. In order for Windows Remote Assistance to work, there are some system settings that needed to be set up. You may get tired of those tedious procedures.


Anyviewer is a reliable remote desktop software for multiple operating systems, keeping your computer safe during the remote connection. The sample operation system and stable connection are widely praised by users.

Download Freeware Windows PCs & Servers
Secure Download

Using steps:

Step 1. Make sure the internet is available.

Step 2. Download, install and run AnyViewer on the computers of recipient and controller.

Step 3. Controller can type the device ID of the recipient and choose to connect by sending a control the partner’s device or inputting security code.

Security Code

Step 4. If controller chooses “Send a control request to your partner” option, then recipient will receive a request. Recipient needs to allow the request, and then the connection will be established.

Control Request

Step 5. If controller chooses “Input security code” option, he needs to input recipient’s security code first. Click OK, and then the connection will be straightly established.


  1. AnyViewer has a clean interface and sample operation system, and you can easily understand how to use it.
  2. AnyViewer is secured by Elliptic Curve Cryptography encryption, so there is no need to worry about data safety.
  3. AnyViewer has multiple connection methods which are suitable for many kinds of situations.
  4. AnyViewer can connect through local networks and the Internet.


  1. Anyviewer now can’t access through other devices except PC.
  2. Anyviewer doesn’t have a file-transfer function, so you can’t straightly transfer files between controller’s computer and recipient’ computer via Anyviewer.