By Fiona / Last Updated December 24, 2021

Chrome Remote Desktop send CTRL ALT DEL not working

CTRL+ALT+DEL combination can be used to easily change user account or open task manager, which is a very important shortcut. However, during a remote connection with Chrome Remote Desktop, this shortcut will be captured by the local computer and it can’t be sent to the remote computer. What to do to realize Chrome Remote Desktop CTRL ALT DEL?

Two ways to send CTRL+ALT+DEL with Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop supports configuring key mapping, so the first method is to change the key mapping to realize CTRL+ALT+DEL combination. If you consider that this method is difficult or not working, you can also use on-screen keyboard to realize different shortcuts with both mouse and keyboard.

Send CTRL ALT DEL through Configure Key Mapping

Step 1. Go to Chrome Remote Desktop website, and on the host computer, your partner needs to click Generate Code and send this code to your computer. On the client computer, after you type this code and click Connect, a request will appear on the host computer. After your partner allows it, the connection will be established.

Step 2. On the right side of the window, there is a toolbar icon. Click it and click “Configure Key mappings”.

Chrome Toolbar

Step 3. You can use END key to take place DEL key, so click New Mapping and enter “Delete” in the “from” field and enter “END” in the “to” filed.

Configure key mapping

Step 4. After saving your change, try to use ALT+CTRL+END combination to see if it works. Not only that, you can change other keys to realize other combinations during a remote connection with Chrome Remote Desktop.

Send CTRL ALT DEL through on-screen keyboard

Step 1. After the connection is successfully established, click the search bar and type” on-screen keyboard”. Click On-Screen Keyboard in Best match and then the on-screen keyboard will appear.

Search on-screen keyboard

Step 2. Press CTRL and ALT on your physical keyboard and click DEL on your on-screen keyboard with your mouse. Then you can realize CTRL+ALT+DEL during a remote connection.

On-screen keyboard

Get an alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop

If you encounter Chrome Remote Desktop is not working and you can’t fix it or you are just not willing to do the extra operations to realize CTRL+ALT+DEL combination, you can choose another remote access application. AnyViewer, free and stable remote access software, helps you control one computer with another. It has a toolbar during remote connection, which contains multiple common commands. You can lock, restart and shut down the host computer by just a click. Not only that, you can also open Task Manager and CMD through this toolbar. Please feel free to download it.

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Follow wrote below steps to use it:

Step 1. Install and run AnyViewer on the host computer (the controlled computer) and client computer (the computer controls the host computer).

Step 2. On the host computer, your partner needs to change some settings to make sure the connection will be successfully established. Go to Settings>Recipient, make sure “Allow to accept remote control” is checked.


Step 3. On the client computer, type the device ID of the host computer and click Connect. If your partner doesn’t set his security code and doesn’t allow temporary code, then on the host computer, your partner will receive a control request. After he allows this control request, you can control his computer. If he denies it, the connection will be canceled.

Control request

Step 4. If your partner sets a security code or allows temporary security code, after you click Connect, a window will appear on your computer. Choose Input security code and type the security code of the host computer. After click OK, the connection will be successfully established without your partner’s permission.

Security code

Step 5. After you can control your partner’s computer, you can see a toolbar on the top of the window. Click the first icon, and then click Ctrl+Alt+Delete item. Then you can realize Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination with just a click.


Toolbar function


This post tells two ways to realize CTRL+ALT+DEL combination during Chrome Remote Desktop connection. You can use its “Configure Key Mapping” function to avoid shortcuts occupied by the local computer or you can use on-screen keyboard to realize it in a roundabout way. If you get tired of those tedious procedures, another free but easy-to-use remote access application—AnyViewer is recommended for you.