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CTRL+ALT+Delete is not working in Remote Desktop.

How can I send CTRL+ALT+Delete to a remote computer over Remote Desktop?

For example, if I wanted to change the local admin password on a remote PC using a Remote Desktop connection, it would be helpful to be able to send the CTRL+ALT+Delete key sequence to the remote computer. I would normally do this by pressing CTRL+ALT+Delete and selecting the change password option. But I can't send CTRL+ALT+Delete using Remote Desktop since this "special" key series is always handled by the local client.

- Question from T. Marshall

As we know, CTRL+ALT+Delete is a very useful combination. It invokes a Task Manager or security-related component that facilitates ending a Windows session or killing a frozen application. Not only that, with this combination, you can quickly manage your user account and control switch machine. However, this combination does not work well under Remote Desktop Connection. When you want to use CTRL+ALT+Delete in the remote computer during a Remote Desktop connection, this command is always utilized by your own computer rather than send to the host computer. So what to do?

Two ways to send CTRL+ALT+Delete in Remote Desktop

After introducing the importance and convenience of CTRL+ALT+Delete, this post will tell you two methods to realize CTRL+ALT+Delete on the remote computer during a Remote Desktop connection.

Method 1:Use CTRL + ALT + End combination

Although CTRL ALT Delete is not working in Remote Desktop, CTRL ALT End does.

Step 1. Press Windows key and R to open run box. Type “mstsc” and press ENTER.

Step 2. Type the IP address of the computer you want to control and enter your computer user name and password.

Step 3. After the connection is successfully established, you can press CTRL, ALT and END together. It contributes to the same result when you press CTRL, ALT and DEL on a computer that is not connected to another computer. (If you have trouble finding the End key, it is normally on the right side of the Enter key and next to the DEL key.)

Method 2: Use on-screen keyboard to input “Del”

Opening on-screen keyboard to click is another good way.

Step 1. Press Windows key and R to open the Run box, type “osk” in the entry bar and press ENTER.

Run box

Step 2. After you press ENTER, an on-screen keyboard will appear. Press CTRL and ALT on your subsistent keyboard and click Del with your mouse on on-screen keyboard.


Easily realize CTRL+ALT+Delete via another remote access application.

AnyViewer, safe and reliable remote access software, helps you connect to another computer easily and safely. It contains multiple functions in its toolbar and the CTRL+ALT+Delete combination is one of the functions. Anyway, the most important thing for remote access software is safe. Your connection is secured by Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption, keeping your computer away from data leakage and security problem. Please feel free to download it.

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Follow those steps to use it.

Step 1. Install and run AnyViewer on the host computer and client computer.

Step 2. Before you control the host computer, you need to change some settings to guarantee the connection will not be blocked. In the host computer, go to Settings>Recipient, make sure “Allow to accept remote control” item is allowed.


Step 3. On client computer, type the host computer’s device ID that is set automatically by AnyViewer, and click Connect.

Step 4. On host computer, your partner will receive a request. You can control his computer after he allows the request. If he denies it, the connection will be canceled.

Step 5. After the connection is successfully established, you can see a toolbar on the top of the window. Click the first icon, and then click Ctrl+Alt+Delete item. Then you can realize the Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination with just a click.


CTRL-ALT-DEL combination

Although you can’t straightly press the CTRL+ALT+Delete combination during the Remote Desktop connection, you can realize it in a kind of roundabout way. This post tells you two methods to realize CTRL ALT Delete remote desktop connection. Not only that, you can choose AnyViewer as your backup plan which supports the Ctrl+Alt+Delete function with just an easy click.