By Ellie / Last Updated December 30, 2021

How to Alt-Tab in Chrome Remote Desktop

“When I am connected to a remote computer using Chrome Remote Desktop, what key combination allows me to switch between open programs on the remote computer? Alt-Tab doesn’t work for me.”

Two methods to use Chrome Remote Desktop Alt-Tab

Generally, the Alt-Tab combination is one of the most-used keyboard shortcuts while working on our Windows PCs. By using these keys at a time, we can navigate to different programs that are active. But sometimes, the Alt-Tab will not function when using Chrome Remote Desktop to remotely control another computer. Here in this post, two methods are provided to help you use Chrome Remote Desktop Alt-Tab.

Method 1. Change into Full-screen mode

Normally, Chrome Remote Desktop doesn’t support Alt-Tab. But when you change into Full-screen mode, Chrome Remote Desktop can send Alt-Tab successfully. Before starting, you need to achieve remote control via Chrome Remote Desktop with an access code (automatically generated by Chrome Remote Desktop) or PIN code (set by the recipient in advance).

Step 1. Click the small arrow on the middle right of the screen to display more functions.

Turn on Function

Step 2. In the Session options section, check the Full-screen option and check the Send system keys sub-option to send system-wide keyboard shortcuts to the remote computer in full-screen mode.

Turn on Full-screen Mode

Step 3. Then press Alt + Tab, you can switch between open programs.

Full-screen Alt-Tab

Method 2. Configure key mapping

Another way to use Chrome Remote Desktop Alt-Tab is to configure key mapping. You can just remap a key combination that doesn’t do anything on the local PC to perform the same function as Alt-Tab. 

Step 1. Connect to the host computer, and then click the small arrow to display more functions. Find the Input controls section, click Configure key mappings.

Configure Key Mapping

Step 2. For example, here I remapped Tab to F1 (you can use other keys). Then I can switch between opened programs by hitting Alt+F1.

Alt Tab Mappings

AnyViewer: remote desktop software supports Alt-Tab

If you want to use Alt-Tab to switch between active programs during a remote session, you have another choice. You can use the free third-party remote desktop software AnyViewer. When connected to another computer successfully via AnyViewer, you can use Alt-Tab on the host computer normally just as you’re using it on your client computer.

Other benefits of AnyViewer are also predominant. For example, AnyViewer supports unattended remote access, allowing you to remotely access a remote computer even there’s no one sitting in front of it. Besides, you can access multiple remote computers simultaneously.

Next, let’s see how to use Alt-Tab on AnyViewer. First, you need to connect to another computer using one of the following two methods.

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Methods 1. Send a control request

Step 1. Install and open AnyViewer on the devices. Input the device ID of the host computer and then click Connect.


Step 2. Click Send a control request to your partner.

Send a Control Request to Your Partner

Step 3. On the host computer, click the green button to make the connection successful.

Request to Control Your Device

Methods 2. Input security code

Step 1. On the host computer, go to Settings > Recipient. Tick the third option and then set the permanent security code.  

Accept Remote Control

Step 2. On the client computer, input the device ID of the host computer and then click Connect.


Step 3. Choose Input security code and click OK (the controller can input either the permanent security code or the temporary security code of the recipient).

Security Code


Here in this post, we mentioned two methods on how to send Chrome Remote Desktop Alt-Tab. On the one hand, you can change into the full-screen mode to send system keys. On the other hand, you can remap a key combination to perform the same function as Alt-Tab. The way to use Chrome Remote Desktop keyboard is a little bit complicated if you’re not very familiar with this software. Therefore, we also provide you with another option. You can use AnyViewer to perform Alt-Tab normally on the host computer.