By Vivian / Last Updated April 15, 2022

The scenario: Chrome Remote Desktop exits full screen


“Chrome Remote Desktop is a frustrating experience sometimes but usually it works. Today I went to remote into my Windows 10 laptop for the billionth time when all of a sudden it is no longer full screen when I remote in. Anyone else have this issue before?”  

- Question from Reddit

 According to some users of Chrome Remote Desktop, they frequently meet with the problem of “Chrome Remote Desktop exits full screen”. And they didn’t know any single reason or solution, which almost drives them crazy. Don’t worry. I guarantee that you can get an answer from this article.

Why is my Chrome Remote Desktop not full screen?

Generally, the main reason for the problem is the resolution of your PC. The resolution is too big or too small which is not matching with the remote computer, directly influencing your feeling in using the Chrome Remote Desktop. In addition, the possibility of wrong settings in remote PC should be included, and we can fix it by changing the settings.

How to fix Google Remote Desktop exit full screen

After understanding the possible reasons for the issue, I guess you must be concerned about the ways to fix it. Before taking further solutions, make sure that you have turned on the monitor of the host computer.

Method 1. Press F11 to enter fullscreen

On the client PC, hit F11 to go into immersive full screen mode in Chrome. F11 will make the remote display full-screen normally. Although this is the easiest way to make Chrome Remote Desktop full screen, there is still someone who doesn’t know or ignore the shortcut way. If it isn’t useful, just try the following ways.

Method 2. Adjust the resolution of the client PC (to fit the Chromebook resolution)

It seems that this way is more helpful than the last for most of the users. And the details are as follow:

Go to “Settings” in the menu start, and then select “System”, choose “Display”, click on “Display resolution” and finally change it to 1920✕1080. Now you can fix it with little effort.


Note: Has your question been solved? If it isn’t, keep reading.

Method 3. The alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop—AnyViewer  

There’s no doubt that the problem of the feature makes the user doubly disappointed. So, if your problems haven't been fixed yet, it’s reasonable to resort to the alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop, like AnyViewer, a safe & fast remote access freeware for all editions of r Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2. You can enter full screen to get a better remote control experience. You can also adjust the resolution on the computer in light of the condition.


  • Make sure both of the computers are connected to the Internet.
  • Download and install AnyViewer.
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Install AnyViewer on 2 PCs.  Sign up for an AnyViewer account and sign in to the account on the two computers. The PC will be assigned to the account automatically after login. 

Sign In

Note: To access the remote computer in privacy mode (the screen of the remote PC will be black and the keyboard & mouse of the remote PC will be disabled), you need to upgrade to an advanced plan.

Step 2. Then, click "Device" and find out the remote PC that you want to access. Click "Remote control" to get one-click remote access to the remote PC. 


Step 3. Then you can see the desktop of the remote computer. To get the full screen of the remote computer desktop or exit from the full screen, you can click the upper right “square with four mark” icon.


Note: You can also upgrade your account to Professional or Enterprise edition to assign more devices and to connect to another computer in privacy mode.


A problem like “Chrome Remote Desktop exits full screen” always frustrates the users, which takes a toll on their feelings and mood. However, we still have some solutions to fix it, such as adjusting the resolution, changing the settings and so on. In addition, we can also choose the alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop if all the fixes fail. Wish you fix your issue as soon as possible.