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How do I change my password in Remote Desktop?

I can't go to Change a Password screen when connected to Windows 10 Remote Desktop.  The Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination doesn't work on the remote PC. How can I change the password of the Windows 10 computer in a remote desktop connection?"

- Question from John

5 ways to change password in Remote Desktop

When you are in a Remote Desktop session, you won't be able to send Ctrl+ Alt + Del command to the remote computer, as your local PC will capture the key combination. Then, you can't invoke the Security options window and choose Change a Password on the remote computer. Don't be frustrated; there are other easy yet valid ways to change the password in RDP on Windows 11/10 or Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2.

Way 1. Use Ctrl+Alt + End to replace Ctrl+ Alt + Del for changing password

This is the easiest way to change the password of the remote computer in Remote Desktop session. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, all you need to do is press Ctrl+ Alt + End simultaneously on your physical keyboard. Then, you can see the Security options window. Click Change a password. 


Go to Change a Password in Remote Desktop Connection

✍ Warning: If you are connecting to a Windows computer in a Remote Desktop session on a Mac using the Mac keyboard, the key combination to invoke Security options window on the remote Windows computer should be fn + Control + Option + Backspace.

Now, you can type in the old user password of the computer, input the new password twice, and click the arrow icon to take the password change into effect.

Change Password of Remote PC

After a while, you can see a message saying that Your password has been changed. Click OK to go back to the desktop of the remote computer. 

Password Changed

Way 2. Remote Desktop change password via on-screen keyboard

Sometimes, you can't find End key on your physical keyboard, then you can use Del on the on-screen keyboard to replace Del on the physical keyboard for changing password in RDP. 

Step 1. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, press Windows key and R to open the Run box, type” osk” and press Enter to launch the on-screen keyboard. 

Run box

Step 2. Press Ctrl+ Alt on your hardware keyboard and click Del on the on-screen keyboard. Then, you can see the Security options window on the remote computer.


Then, you can do as aforementioned above to change password in Remote Desktop.

Way 3. Change password in Remote Desktop using command line

You can also directly change password in a Remote Desktop session using command lines.

Step 1.  On the remote computer, search “cmd” in the search bar which is on the taskbar. Right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

Run Command Prompt as Administrator

Step 2. Enter net user + username your new password and hit Enter to change the password of the remote computer. For example, if my user name is Administrator and the new password I want to set is 123, I need to type in net user administrator a1/12.

Change Password RDP from CMD

If you don't want to o the password shown on the command prompt screen, you can change password without the new password appearing on the screen. You need to run net user username * command and input the new password twice.

Change Password Remote Desktop Session CMD

Way 4. Change password in RDP session from Computer Management

If you don't want to use command lines, you can change password in Remote Desktop from Computer Management

Step 1. Right-click This PC on the remote desktop, and click Manage.


Step 2. Go to System Tools > Local Users and Groups> Users, choose the account you want to change password , and right-click it. Click Set Password… and a warning will appear. Click Proceed, type your new password twice and click OK.

Set password

Note: These steps listed in Way 4 are for Windows 10/11. To change password in a Remote Desktop session on Windows Server 2012/2016/2019/2022, the process can be a little bit different.

Way 5. Change password in remote connection from Control Panel

It’s also possible to change remote computer password over RDP from Control Panel.

Step 1. On the remote computer, press Windows + R, input “control panel” and press Enter.

Control Panel

Step 2. On the pop-up window, click User Accounts.

User Accounts

Step 3. Go to Manage another accountChange the password and click the user account whose password you want to change.

An advanced alternative to RDP: Manage remote computer conveniently

It’s an easy task to change password on a remote desktop session even if Ctrl+Alt+Del isn’t working. But if you want to access and manage a remote computer more conveniently and easier, it’s strongly recommended to use AnyViewer because of what is listed below.

Less network-limited: To use Remote Desktop Connection for accessing pc from a different network, you need to perform port forwarding or set up a VPN. AnyViewer enables you to access a computer on the same network or a different network without extra configuration.
❤ Essential operation shortcuts offered: Shortcuts of Ctrl+Alt+Del, Lock, Task Manager, etc. are offered in a remote session.
High security: The whole process is encrypted by ECC, preventing data leakage and hacker attack when you are using remote desktop software.

During the remote session, you can take many other operations like transferring files between the connected computers, changing the resolution of the host computer, and so on. Download the free alternative to RDP and see how to use it to change a password in a remote session.

Download Freeware Windows PCs and Windows Servers
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run AnyViewer on the source and the destination computer. Then, Sign up for an AnyViewer account

Step 2. Sign in to the account on the two computers. The PC will be assigned to the account automatically after login.

Sign In

Step 3. Then, click Device and find out the remote PC that you want to access. Click One-click control to get one-click remote access to the remote PC.


▶ Note: To access the remote computer in privacy mode (the screen of the remote PC will be black and the keyboard & mouse of the remote PC will be disabled), you need to upgrade to an advanced plan.  And then you can assign and manage more devices to your account. 

Step 4. Then you are in the remote session. Click the Operations option and click Ctrl + Alt +Delete option to access the Security options window and change the password of the remote computer.


Wrap things up

To change password in Remote Desktop, you can use End to replace Del, virtual keyboard, command lines, Computer Management, or Control Panel. Just choose the one that you like. If you want to manage the remote computer more effectively, you can switch to the outstanding remote desktop software, AnyViewer. If you want to control PC from phone, you can use AnyViewer mobile edition.