Answered: LogMeIn File Transfer Size Limit

Is there a LogMeIn file transfer size limit? Do you want to know the answer to this question as well? In this article, we will tell you the answer and introduce you to the easiest way to transfer files between computers.


By Carolyn / Updated on September 21, 2023

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Can I share files with LogMeIn?

With the growth of remote working, file transfer is also an essential need for people. There are many software on the market that support file transfer, but each has its own drawbacks. Does LogMeIn allow file transfers? The answer is yes. LogMeIn Inc. offers a number of remote access and support solutions, including LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn Rescue, LogMeIn Central, and more. Here we will cover LogMeIn Pro.

LogMeIn Pro is a remote access and control software that also allows users to transfer files, but is there LogMeIn file transfer size limit? The following section of this article will show you the LogMeIn file transfer size limit. 

LogMeIn file transfer size limit

As we know, you can use LogMeIn to transfer files, but you need to keep in mind that LogMeIn also has its file transfer limitations. Now, this article will introduce you to the LogMeInfile transfer limit.

  • The maximum file size for uploading a single file is 2GB.
  • Only one file can be transferred at a time.
  • When downloading files, you cannot download folders, only individual files.
  • You only have 1TB of storage space.

Other than that, if you upgrade your account, the file transfer limits will remain unchanged.

Next, this article will give you a brief introduction on how to transfer files via LogMeIn.

How to use LogMeIn file transfer

LogMeIn File Transfer can be used in two ways. One is to use a File Manager and the other is to use a File Sharing.

File Manager

Moving files between computers is a seamless process involving simple selection and drag-and-drop operations. Let's take a look at how to transfer files via LogMeIn using the File Manager.

Notice: Drag and drop does not work when your host or client computer is a Mac. Please use the toolbar buttons instead.

Step 1. Once you have established a connection to the host computer, you can launch the File Manager by clicking on the “File Manager” icon located on the Computer page or in the menu to the left of Pro.

Step 2. The File Manager will then appear, and next, you can use LogMeIn to transfer files between computers.

File Sharing

You can also share files and conveniently ensure secure file downloads by easily sending automatically generated links.

Step 1. Right-click in the folder holding the huge file. From the context menu, navigate to "Send To" > "LogMeIn - Share".

Step 2. After selecting LogMeIn - Sharing, you will be prompted to enter a description of the file (the default is the filename) and to specify limits on the number of downloads and the duration of the share.

Step 3. After clicking OK, a window will appear with a very long URL, please click the "Copy" button.

Step 4. Open the email and continue composing the message. To include the URL, click the "Paste" button, which will insert the link into the message.

Step 5. When the recipient receives the email, they simply click the "Download your file" button. From there, they can save the file securely to their computer.

AnyViewer: The best LogMeIn alternative for large file transfer

LogMeInfile transfer is very restrictive, its features greatly limit the user experience, and LogMeInfile transfer is not free, it only provides users with a 14-day free trial. If you want to transfer files between computers in a permanent and freeway, it is recommended to use the best freeware LogMeIn alternative AnyViewer for file transfer.

AnyViewer is a free remote desktop software with file transfer feature. You can transfer files using file management and drag and drop. You can also transfer files outside or during a remote session.

It has these advantages over LogMeIn:

  • AnyViewer has a free version.
  • The free version of any viewer allows users to upload up to 100 files at the same time, and the maximum file size for transferring files is 100MB.
  • It has two file transfer threads for rapid file transfers. This makes the time and process of file transfer much shorter.
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/Servers
Secure Download

Step 1. Download, install, and start AnyViewer on your devices.

Step 2. Navigate to "Login" on one of the computers and click on "Sign up" (if you've already joined the official website, you can log in now).

Step 3. Fill in the sign-up information to create an AnyViewer new account.

Step 4. After successfully logging in, you can see that your device has been automatically assigned.

Step 5. Go to "Devices", click on the target computer you want to connect to, and then click "File transfer".

Tips: You can also allow unattended remote access by selecting “One-click control” while connecting to another computer. To transfer files during a remote session, you simply click the "File" button in the menu bar.

Step 6. You can then see the File Transfer dialogue box. The path to the controller computer is shown on the left side of the box and the path to the receiving computer is shown on the right side. After selecting the destination file, click the arrow to freely transfer the file between devices.

★Tips: If you want to get a larger transfer file size, you can upgrade your account to a professional or enterprise plan. You can also make use of the following advantages:
AnyViewer upgrade allows users to upload a single file with a maximum file size of 1 TB.
The unlimited number of files to transfer. This means you can upload all your files at once.
Faster file transfer speed. The maximum file transfer speed will be 10MB/s.
Multiplexing file transfer threads. You can perform multiple file transfer tasks at the same time.



Is there a LogMeIn file transfer size limit? This post answers your questions. In addition, we present the best LogMeIn alternative for large file transfer to help you transfer files between computers faster and easier. Don't hesitate to download and use AnyViewer to enjoy a more convenient, fast, and secure experience and service!