Why Need Remote Access Solutions?

Are you enough of working long hours in office but still have work to do? Need to use data saved on your work PC when you are at home or on a trip? It’s time to have a look at remote access solutions for those benefits:

Saves your time

Remote access tool enables you to access or transfer the files or folder on work PC from home without spending time on going to office from home.

Breaks the space limitation

Remote connection manager makes it possible to access work PC from home or home PC from office and you can complete your work task without the limitation of space.

Makes work more convenient

Remote access software help you use data on work PC from laptop easily and quickly when you are at home or somewhere else, bringing great convenience to you.

Remote Work from Anywhere

Remote access tool makes telework comes true and you may feel more flexibly and relax during work. You can access to your office PC when you are at home, in a trip or in other locations.

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Access Work PC from Home

If you want to use data held by your work PC when you are at home, you can turn to remote access software to access your work PC from home to gain the files that you need.

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Connect to Office PC in the Trip

If you need to use files, folder or apps in your office computer during your trip, remote desktop software helps you access to your home office PC from your laptop or mobile device.

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What Else Remote Access Software Can Do?

Remote support

Help you offer clients or friends remote support.

Remote game

Play game on remote PC with your friends.

Access from Mobile device

Access PC from android, Mac or Pad.

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