Windows 11 22H2 Breaks Remote Desktop – What Should I Do?

If Windows 11 22H2 breaks Remote Desktop and you can’t connect to another computer, you can disable UDP, roll back the system or use another remote access program.


By Annie / Updated on March 22, 2023

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The issue: Windows 11 22H2 breaks Remote Desktop

Windows 11 22H2, also called Windows 11 2022 update, was first delivered on the 20th of September, 2022, and refreshed on the 5th of October, 2022. Based on the feedback of many users, Windows 11 update breaks RDP, causing RDP failure, drop, or freezing.


How to fix Windows 11 22H2 RDP not working 

If Windows 11 22H2 update causes Remote Desktop issues, you can check out the following solutions. 

Solution 1. Disable UDP connection via Registry Editor

It is said that Windows 11 22H2 bug causes Remote Desktop Connection only to try UDP connection, not trying TCP connection. Thus, we can disable UDP connection to see whether the issue is resolved

Step 1. On the Windows 11 22H2 computer, press Windows +R, input regedit, and click Yes to open Registry Editor.

Step 2. Navigate to the path:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\Client

Step 3. Locate fClientDisableUDP, double click it, and set the value to 1 to disable UDP connection.

Disable UDP

Step 4. Reboot the Windows 11 22H2 and use Remote Desktop Connection again.

Solution 2. Roll Back the system to the previous version

Since Windows 11 22H2 breaks Remote Desktop Connection, you can try to roll back your computer to the previous version to see if you can use RDP usually.

Step 1. On Windows 11 Remote Desktop 11 22H2, press Windows + I to open Settings window.

Step 2. Go to System > Recovery and click Go back under Recovery options section.

Go Back

Step 3. Select the reason for uninstalling Windows 11 22H2 and click Next.

Step 4. Click No, thanks when you are asked to check for updates again.

Step 5. Follow the instructions to continue system rollback. And when the operation is completed, the system will be reverted to a previous version like Windows 11 21H2 or Windows 10.

Note: The steps above are suitable if you have updated Windows 11 22H2 within ten days. The Go back option won't be available if you have installed Windows 11 22H2 for over ten days. You can make a Windows 11H2 or Windows 10 clean installation from an external hard drive.

Solution 3. Switch to another remote access program

If you are satisfied with all content of Windows 11 22H2, expecting Remote Desktop connection issue, why not use a third-party remote access software for Windows 11? It’s recommended to try AnyViewer. It’s a free, secure, and fast remote connection software for accessing and controlling Windows PCs & Servers from Windows computers or mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. See why it stands out.

✔ Support to accessing Windows Home or Standard computer: It works on all editions, inducing Windows 11/10 Home and Windows 7 Standard.
✔ UDP/TCP intelligent switching mode: You don’t need to set port permission for the firewall even if you are accessing a computer over the internet rather than LAN.
File transfer supported: It’s available to directly transfer multiple files from one computer to another via AnyViewer.
✔ One-click unattended remote access: Once devices are logged into and assigned to one account, you can access one computer from another with one click.
✔ Permission is adjustable: AnyViewer supports you in adjusting access permission to one computer.
To check more features of AnyViewer, go to AnyVIewer Manual.

Step 1. Download AnyViewer on Windows 11 22H2 computer and the PC you need to access.

Download Freeware Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 2. Install and run AnyViewer on both PCs. Create an AnyViewer and log into the account on both devices. Once logged in, the device will be assigned to the account automatically. To assign more devices and enjoy features like privacy mode, you can upgrade your account. 

Create an AnyViewer Account

Step 3. On the Windows 11 22H2 computer, go to Device, and locate the to-be-connected computer on My devices list.

Step 4. Click the computer and click One-click control. Immediately, you can see the computer's screen and use the device as if you were physically accessing it.

One-click Control


  • During the remote session, it’s available to change resolution, view the window in full-screen mode, Chat with the one on the other end, and so on.
  • AnyViewer is built with three connection methods: One-click control, security code, and send remote control request. The first two options are for unattended remote access and the last one is to offer attended remote assistance.
  • AnyViewer also supports you to control Windows PC from Android devices or iDevices


If you have updated to Windows 11 22H2 and Windows 11 22H2 breaks Remote Desktop, you can adjust Registry Value or roll back to Windows 11H2/Windows 10. Or you can turn to AnyViewer, an overall & powerful free remote desktop software to start remote connections, which won’t let you down.