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What to do if remote computer is stuck on restarting?


I regularly use a remote desktop tool to access my Windows computer, which has a fixed IP address. If the computer is on and responsive, I can typically access it and even remotely reboot it if necessary. Unfortunately, today when I perform the restart option in the remote session, my remote computer stuck on restarting. Are any options for resolving it?”

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Remote Computer Stuck on Restarting

How to fix remote computer stuck on restarting in a remote session [2 methods]

Remote desktop tools are useful for users to lock/shut down/restart PC remotely at any time. However, issues can arise when you manage the computer, such problems as the computer freezing, or it stuck on restarting.

What to do when your PC is stuck on restarting in a remote session? You can try the following methods to remotely restart your PC again by using the force reboot command.

Method 1. Force remote restart with CMD

You can use Windows built-in Command Prompt without an additional installation.

Step 1. On the local computer, search "cmd" from the start menu, and select Run as administrator.

Run as Administrator CMD

Step 2. Enter “shutdown /?” in the Command Prompt to see all the shutdown commands.

Command List

Step 3. Enter the command “shutdown m \\COMPUTERNAME /r” to restart your remote computer.

Note: Replace the “COMPUTERNAME” with the PC name or IP address of the remote computer.

Method 2. Force remote restart via PsExec

PsExec is a Microsoft tool that allows users to run commands on a remote computer.

Step 1. Download PsExec on the local computer that will run the remote commands.

Step 2. Right-click on the downloaded ZIP file and click Extract All.

Extract All Files

Step 3. Locate the extracted folder, type in “cmd” in the search box and then press Enter.

Search CMD

Step 4. Then the Command Prompt window will open, and now you can run commands through PsExec.

Cmd Pstools

Step 5. To restart the remote computer, enter the following command:

  • PsExec.exe \\remote-pc-name shutdown /r

Note: Replace the “remote-pc-name” with the PC name or IP address of the remote computer.

Reboot Using psexec

Bonus tip: How to prevent remote computer stuck on restarting [2 methods]

There are several causes for Windows 10/11 stuck on restarting screen in a remote session. For example, outdated driver, malfunctioning RAM, etc. Sometimes an unspecialized remote desktop tool may also result in several problems in a remote session.

In this part, we will offer you some tips to prevent remote computer stuck on restarting again.

Method 1. Use reliable remote desktop tool

First of all, you need to choose reliable remote desktop software to remotely manage your computer. For example, AnyViewer, devoting to offer users a safe and stable connection without errors.

★More benefits of AnyViewer:
Easy-to-use. It has intuitive and concise interface for users to easily perform remote operations.
One-click remote reboot. It provides one-click reboot/lock/shut down options.
Fast remote connection. It allows unattended remote accessto remotely access another computer with only one click with low latency.
High speed file transfer.It supports flexible file transfer ways, and it enables transfer large files between devices at a high speed.

Download AnyViewer and set it up on your devices by the following steps:

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. On the host computer, click Sign up to register a new AnyViewer account. (You can directly log in if you have already signed up.)

Log in AnyViewer

Step 2. Complete the information and click Sign up.

Sign Up for AnyViewer

Step 3. On the client computer, log in to the same account, and it will be automatically assigned to the account.

Free Editions

Step 4. Go to Device, select your remote computer, and there are several one-click options you can choose. Click the one based on your demands.

Connect to My Devices

Bonus tipAnyViewer for mobile also allows remote control/lock/restart/shut down PC from phone or tablet.

Unattended Remote Control iOS

Method 2. Update drivers

An outdated driver may also lead to remote computer stuck on restarting, try to update your driver by the following steps:

Step 1. Right click Start and select Device Manager.

Open Device Manager

Step 2. Locate and right-click the target driver, then click Update driver.

Update Driver

Step 3. Click Search automatically for drivers and wait for Windows to automatically locate and install the best driver on your computer.

Search Automatically for Drivers


This post introduces how to fix remote computer stuck on restarting in a remote session. To prevent this problem happening again, first of all we recommend you select a reliable remote desktop tool, AnyViewer could be your best option.