By Ellie / Last Updated June 27, 2022

Can I use Quick Assist on my iPhone?

"Does anyone know about Microsoft Quick Assist? I often use it to give remote technical support to customers on my PC, and I think it's a brilliant tool. Recently, I realize that remote tech support on my iPhone is also a good idea.

Unfortunately, I didn't find Microsoft Quick Assist on iPhone. I'd like to ask you guys if I didn't find the mobile app for Microsoft Quick Assist, or is it simply not available on my phone? Can anyone tell me how I can use Quick Assist on iPhone?"

The answer is negative!

Unfortunately, Quick Assist does not currently support cell phones, regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or an Android.

Quick Assist is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) based tool that communicates over port 443 (https), allowing the one who gives assistance to connect remotely with the one who needs assistance. As the case above suggests, some users want to use it to remote control a pc from their iPhone. So, is there a better alternative than using the Quick Assist iPhone app? The answer is yes, and RD Client is a great alternative.

An alternative to Windows Quick Assist for iPhone- RD Client

Remote Desktop Client and Quick Assist come from the same source and are both applications developed by Microsoft. It allows you to control your computer from any location using your iPhone. Next, you will be introduced to the setup steps and usage of RD Client, but before we start, we need to do the following preparations.

  • Both the PC and the iPhone are connected to the same network.
  • Enable the remote desktop function of the remote computer, and download and install RD Client in the App Store of iPhone.

How to set up RD Client on iPhone?

Step 1. Download and open Microsoft Remote Desktop on iPhone (also called RD Client).

Open the App

Step 2. Click the + sign in the upper right corner, and select Add PC in the expanded menu.

Add a Computer

Step 3.Click PC Name and enter the host name or IP address of the remote computer.

Computer name

Step 4. Next, click User Account, check to Ask When Required and then add User Account.

Add User Account

Step 5. Next, enter the user name and the password of the remote PC.

Enter Account and the password

Step 6. Return to the main interface of RD Client, you can see the remote computer that has been set up, click this icon.

Remote Control Iphone

How to use RD Client to control computer remotely

After the remote connection is established, you can remote control PC from iPhone for free. There are three icons right above the remote screen. The first one is the magnifying glass icon, which can enlarge the current screen; the second one is RD Client, which can switch the viewport; the third one is the keyboard icon, which can bring up the keyboard.

Method of Operation

 When you click the second RD Client icon, you can freely switch between the computer and the application viewport. Click the house icon in the upper left corner to return to the remote screen; click the finger icon and the mouse icon to freely switch the control mode, touch mode, or mouse mode. If you want to disconnect, you can click the x in the bottom right corner of the remote screen, or you can click Disconnect All PCs Sessions in the bottom right corner.

Disconnect the PC

Tips: Apart from using RD Client, we can also offer quick assist by using remote access software-- AnyViewer for iOS, with which the remote assistance will be easier and more smooth.

Common problems and solutions of Microsoft Remote Desktop on iPhone

RD Client is not complicated to set up and use. However, it should be noted that from the feedback collected from a large number of users, you may encounter various errors in the process of using RD Client, among which "Error while communicating with Remote Desktop Gateway" is the most common one.

From the error message, we can know that it is a network connection-related problem. So how to solve this problem? First, we need to make sure your iPhone is on the same network as the remote computer, and we recommend connecting your iPhone to Wi-Fi. Next, we need to check if the default gateway is open.

An Error Occurred

Find the default gateway

To check if the default gateway is working, we need to make sure you have the correct default gateway first. There are two ways you can find the default gateway of your remote computer to make sure it is correct.

Type cmd in the search box, find and right-click the command prompt, type ipconfig and press Enter, then you can see the IP address and the default gateway.

Default Gateway


After finding and confirming the correct default gateway, we need to check if this default gateway is open. You can do this by following the instructions below.

Checking the default gateway

Turn on another computer, type cmd in the search box, find the Command Prompt, type ping (the IP address after ping should be replaced with the default gateway of your remote computer). If the TTL value is displayed, the ping is successful, which means the IP address of the default gateway is accessible; if the "request timeout" is displayed, the ping is not successful, which means the IP address of the default gateway is not accessible.

Ping IP address

Note: If you encounter problems with RD Client, you can also try to update RD Client and restart your iPhone.


Whether can use Microsoft Quick Assist on iPhone? The answer is negative. There is no mobile application for Quick Assist, but you can use RD Client as a substitute. Refer to the above steps and you can easily control your computer remotely from iPhone. And if you encounter a problem when using it, the solution above may give you guidance.