How to Play Games with Remote Desktop Software

This post shows how to play games over Remote Desktop or third-party remote desktop software, AnyViewer.


By Annie / Updated on April 18, 2023

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Can I play games on a remote PC?

"I'm using Windows 11 computer and want to control my Windows 10 computer to play a game on the Windows 10 PC. The two PCs are on the same network. Can I use Windows built-in feature Remote Desktop to play Windows 10 games? 

Play games on Remote Desktop without downloading an app

Can you play games on Remote Dekstop? Absolutely Yes! It's easy to access a remote computer and then play games on it from another device the tool, which saves you from the trouble of downloading and installing a third-party app. What you need to know is that the two devices should be on the same network (if not, you need to perform port forwarding) and the latency may drive you crazy. 

Now, check out the detailed steps on how to remotely play games using Remote Desktop:

Step 1. On the host computer (the computer with the games installed),  press Windows + R, input “sysdm.cpl" and click "OK" to open System Properties.

Step 2.  In the System Properties window, select "Allow remote connection to this computer" and click "OK"  to enable remote access on this computer. 

Enable Remote Desktop

Note: If your host computer is running Windows 10/11 Home Edition, you'll find there is no "Allow remote connection to this computer". And you can turn to a free & reliable alternative to Remote Desktop for Windows 10 Home Edition.

Step 3. On the client computer (the computer that you are working on), press Windows + R, input "mstsc" and click "OK" to open Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 4.  In the pop-up window, type the IP address of the host computer and click "Connect". 


Step 5. You need to input the password of the host computer and click "OK". After a while, you can connect to the host computer successfully. 

Step 6. Then, you can access the desktop of the remote computer. Locate the game on the remote desktop that you want to play and run it. 

See? It's simple to remotely play games on PC with Remote Desktop. 

Play games remotely with a free & quick remote desktop app

If RDP is slow or you need to play games on a remote computer from a different network, it's recommended to switch to a third-party remote desktop app, AnyViewer. It enables you to access a remote computer with a quick connection and low latency; you don't need to set up VPN or perform port forwarding when the two PCs are in different networks and use ECC end-to-end encryption to protect the data safety. Now, download it and see how to use the remote desktop program to access a remote computer and play PC games. 

Step 1.  Install and run AnyViewer on two devices.  Create an AnyViewer account and logged into it on both devices.

Create and Log

Step 2. On the device on your hand, go to "Device", locate the remote PC where the games are installed, click it, and click "One-click control".


Step 3. Immediately, you can see the screen of the remote computer and then run the games on it. 

Note: To play PC games from iPhone/iPad/Android device, download AnyViewe for mobile devices and start a remote session. 


It's OK to play games on Remote Desktop session. However, if you are unsatisfied with RDP performance or need to play games remotely on a device without the same LAN, you can use AnyViewer.