By Annie / Last Updated April 1, 2022

Can I play games on a remote PC?

"I'm using Windows 11 computer and want to control my Windows 10 computer to play a game on the Windows 10 PC. The two PCs are on the same network. How can I  use control a remote computer and play games on a remote computer? Any suggestion?"

Play games on remote PC without third-party software

If you are unwilling to use a third-party utility to play games on the remote computer and don't care about the latency so much, you can use Windows built-in function Remote Desktop to remote into another computer and remotely play games.

Now, check out the detailed steps on how to remotely play games using Remote Desktop:

Step 1. On the host computer (the computer with the games installed),  press Windows + R, input “sysdm.cpl" and click "OK" to open System Properties.

Step 2.  In the System Properties window, select "Allow remote connection to this computer" and click "OK"  to enable remote access on this computer. 

Enable Remote Desktop

Note: If your host computer is running Windows 10 Home Edition, you'll find there is no "Allow remote connection to this computer". And you can turn to a free & reliable alternative to Remote Desktop for Windows 10 Home Edition.

Step 3. On the client computer (the computer that you are working on), press Windows + R, input "mstsc" and click "OK" to open Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 4.  In the pop-up window, type the IP address of the host computer and click "Connect". 


Step 5. You need to input the password of the host computer and click "OK". After a while, you can connect to the host computer successfully. 

Step 6. Then, you can access the desktop of the remote computer. Locate the game on the remote desktop that you want to play and run it. 

See? It's simple to remotely play games on PC with Remote Desktop. 

Play games on remote computer via game streaming tool 

If you want a great experience while remotely playing games, it's not recommended to use Windows Remote Desktop as it isn't designed for the ultra-low display latency that is important for games.  At this time, it's advised to use a professional game streaming utility, Rainway. It has many highlights presented as follows:

  • It has an intuitive interface and is easy to set up even you are new to the tool.

  • It is free and without additional purchases.

  • The web client enables you to play PC games from many devices, like mobile, pad, etc.

  • There is an ultra-low lag while you use Rainway to stream games from the host PC to the client browser.

All in all, simple, free and low latency make me pick up Rainway. What you should realize is that the host PC should be Windows PC.

Here are the detailed steps on playing games on a remote computer from another device via Rainway:

Step 1. Download and install Rainway on your host computer. Then, fire up the remote control tool. In the main interface, log into a Rainway account. If you don’t have an account, sign up at first.


Step 2. On your mobile device, go to Google Play Store to download the tool.

Step 3. Install and run Rainway. Then, log into the same Rainway account.

Step 4. In the home interface, you can view all games from Steam and so on. Choose the game that you want to play.

Step 5. Now, you can play your game remotely on your mobile device. 

Note: For iOS phone or tablet, go to App Store to download the software. If you don’t want to download the tool on your client device, you can open your browser, go to; log in to your Rainway account and play a game.