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Why needs Logmein alternative?


LogMeIn, with advanced features, has been used by many users to remotely access files, offer remote support, or collaborate with others. However, LogMeIn is no longer free, and the price is high; some users have reported that some resolution pairings can result in the slightly blurry rendering of some elements; file transfer is not supported during a remote session; users need to back to the LogMeIn Control Panel to transfer files. There are many users who are looking for similar apps to replace LogeMein.

Say Goodbye to LogMeIn: 5 best alternatives for 2023

We list the five best LogeMein alternatives. All offer remote access solutions but may vary in price, ease of use, and compatibility. Users should choose the most suitable app for themselves based on their needs and budget.

1. AnyViewer


AnyViwer is a powerful, secure, and easy-to-use remote desktop app to replace LogMeIn for users to remote into computers from computers or mobile devices. It supports both attended and unattended remote access, meeting different demands. It also supports you to transfer files between Windows and Windows computers in remote sessions. If users want to communicate with the one on the other side in remote sessions, AnyViewer Chat function is helpful.

✔ Why it is picked up:

  • User-friendly: The intuitive interface and reasonable design make it easy to use for complete computer remote access even for the non-tech savvy.
  • Affordable: AnyViwer Free is free to use and at no charge. AnyViewer advanced plans are cheap and affordable for users without plenty of budgets.
  • Secure: Both ends of AnyViewer remote sessions are protected by ECC algorithm encryption, preventing data leakage.
  • Control authority changeable: AnyViewer allows users to choose one computer to be only viewed or fully controlled.

✖ What it can improve:

  • Cross-platform: It's unavailable to control Mac and Linux computers with AnyViewer.
  • Remote audio: AnyViewer can't stream sound from the remote device to the local device.

◆ Pricing & Plans:

AnyViewer offers Free and Paid Plans. Professional Plan ( assign 10 devices for one-click control) is billed at $9.90 every month or $49.95 $118.80 every year); Enterprise Plan ( assign 10 devices for one-click control) is billed at$29.90 every month or $199.90$358.80 every year.

2. TeamViewer


TeamViewer, one of the most popular remote access tools, is a strong alternative to LogMeIn for remotely controlling everything from different platforms. Unattended remote access in TeamViewer is supported. And TeamViewer offers features for collaboration and meetings, like voice scheduling.

✔ Why itis picked up:

  • Powerful: TeamViewer is built with various features, including file transfer, real-time chat, session recording, etc. almost can meet all demands.
  • Free license for personal use: It offers free license for personal use, which is built with basic remote access features.
  • Compatible: TeamViewer is widely compatible and can work with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS.
  • Optional: Users can choose any one among three types when installing TeamViewer based on different aims.

✖ What it can improve:

  • Detected as commercial use: It's possible to detect use as commercial use falsely when users are using TeamViewer.
  • Expensive: Many features are only available on paid licenses, which are expensive.

◆ Pricing & Plans:

Free and paid versions are offered in TeamViewer. TeamViewer Remote Access (1 licensed user, 1 user/device can start sessions )is billed $418.80 per year; TeamViewer Business (1 licensed user, 1 user/device can start sessions ) is billed 610.80 per year; TeamViewer Premium (15 licensed user, 1 user/device can start sessions ), is billed 2482.80 per year; TeamViewer Corporate (30 licensed user, 3 user/device can start sessions ), is billed 2482.80per year.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a nice alternative to LogMeIn for users who needs to access a computer from a local device with Chrome installed on both devices. CRD requires users to create a PIN for permanent access or generate a code for one-time access.

✔ Why it is picked up:

  • Completely free: Users can go add it to Chrome broswer and use it to access remote PC for free.
  • Cross-platform: It can exist as a Chrome extension. That means you can use it on the device as long as it can use Chrome.

✖ What it can improve:

  • Account required: Users must have a Google account to operate remote access.
  • No chat function: It's inconvenient for users who want to offer technical help without a chat function.

◆ Pricing & Plans:

Users can use Chrome Remote Desktop app or extension. Both are free.

4. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a great LogMein alternative for users to access and manage remtoe computers effectively and easily from anywhere. Zoho Assist can start on-demand or unattended access under different situations. It is with IT Helpdesk that enables users to resolve helpdesk issues remotely.

Zoho Assist

✔ Why it is picked up:

  • Quick access: Users can request a session without installation after Login into a Zoho Assist account.
  • Flexible plans: 5 paid plans are offered, and users can choose the one that suits them.
  • All in one: Apart from remote access, features like session recording, annotation, executing commands, and diagnostic tools are offered.

✖ What it can improve:

  • Limited feature in Free version: many features of Zoho Assist are only available in advanced plans.

◆ Pricing and plans.

Zoho Assist provides free version as well. Zoho Assist Remote Support Standard is billed at $12.00 per month or $120.00 per year; Zoho Assist Remtoe Support Professional is billed at $18.00 per month or $180.00 per year; Zoho Assist Remote Support Enterprise is billed at $28.00 per month or $288.00 per year; Zoho Assist Unattended Access Standard is billed at $12.00 per month or $120.00 per year; Zoho Assist Unattended Access Professional is billed at $18.00 per month or$180.00 per year.

5. Goverlan Reach

Goverlan Reach

All the above alternatives to LogMeIn are mainly for access and to get LogMeIn alternative for central management, Govelan Reach should be taken into consideration with comprehensive system administration tools and other communication tools.

✔Why it is picked up:

  • Automated: Goverlan Reach enables users to set automated workflows and respond to multiple tasks simultaneously for more effective responses.
  • Customized: The dashboard and built-in packages for monitoring standard applications can be personalized for every audience.
  • Active Directory-integrated: Goverlan Reach active directory tools make it simple to monitor computers and provide support.

✖ What it can improve:

  • High price: The price of Goverlan Reach is relatively high for many users.

◆ Pricing and plans:

Goverlan Reach doesn't offer Free plan. Goverlan Reach Standard is billed at $540.00 per year; Goverlan Reach Professional is billed at $1224.00 per year; Goverlan Reach Enterprise is billed at $2304 per year.

Wrapping up

This post discusses apps that can be alternatives to LogMeIn, including free and paid software. Users can choose the one based on their demands and budgets.