Answered: How Can Teachers Working Remotely Support Their Students

How can teachers working remotely support their students? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place, this article uncovers the solution to this problem. To determine the best answer, continue reading.


By Carolyn / Updated on October 24, 2023

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How can teachers working remotely support their students?

The best way for teachers to manage their virtual online classroom efficiently is to use remote access software. "Distance education" usually refers to teaching and learning that takes place online. However, it also covers teaching and learning using hard-copy resources such as textbooks and worksheets. It is important that organizations provide teachers with the best tools to create an engaging and secure distance or blended learning environment.

How can teachers working remotely support their students work? Remote access allows teachers to work from home with all necessary resources at their fingertips. Grades, notes, and downloads of student projects can all be accessed from home, even if they are saved to the school desktop. In this article, we will introduce you to one of the best tools to solve the problem of how can teachers working remotely support their students online.

Best software for teachers to remotely support their students

AnyViewer is highly recommended and will be the best choice for teachers. AnyViewer is an all-in-one, reliable, and secure remote access software. AnyViewer has the following that can help with distance learning:

  • Unattended remote access. AnyViewer allows users to have unattended remote access with one-click control. Teachers can easily access school computers for essential learning materials and other important resources.
  • Screen share. During remote access, the teacher can allow all students to see the teacher's screen at the same time by enabling screen sharing. So that remote teaching can be carried out.
  • Remote sound. AnyViewer supports users to synchronize the sound of remote devices in real-time. This is extremely important for distance learning, where students can hear what the teacher is saying in real-time with low latency.
  • File transfer. AnyViewer allows file transfer between devices. This allows the teacher to easily transfer course-related tasks, materials, or files to the classmates. Students can also submit their assignments in a timely manner.
  • High-compatibility. AnyViewer is compatible with many systems, providing flexibility and convenience for teachers and students using different devices. Avoid the hassle of using different devices that are not compatible.

If you want more rights, you can upgrade your account to a Professional or Enterprise plan:

  • 300 managed devices. The paid version of AnyViewer allows users to access up to 300 devices at the same time with One-click control. Teachers can initiate remote access to open the classroom with a One-click control.
  • High-speed file transfer. Transfer an unlimited number of large files simultaneously at high speed. Teachers can transfer files or course-related materials and tasks to all students at the same time. Students can also submit all assignments or related task information to the instructor at the same time.
  • Mass deployment(MSI). When multiple computers in a domain need to use AnyViewer, you can deploy AnyViewer to remote computers in bulk using Group Policy (GP) and MSI files. After creating the Group Policy Object (GPO), move the AnyViewer MSI package to the Shared Networks folder and publish the GPO to all computers in the domain.
  • Create groups for computers. Create groups for organizations to manage large numbers of devices more efficiently. For teachers who need to teach several classes, the ability to create groups greatly facilitates the management of different classes and improves efficiency.

For teachers, these are very convenient and fast and provide a lot of convenience for their work. Even if you are teaching a class at school, your teacher can access your home computer remotely through AnyViewer in order to obtain relevant information files.

Now let's see how to use AnyViewer for remote access.

Step 1. On all devices, download, install, and launch AnyViewer.

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Step 2. Navigate to “Log in” and click “Sign up” to create an AnyViewer account and log into this account on all devices.

Step 3. After logging into the same account, your device will be automatically assigned to the account you are logged into.

Step 4. On the teacher’s device, go to “Device” and choose the target student’s devices you want to connect to, then click “One-click control” to achieve the connection.


How can teachers working remotely support their students? This issue has now been resolved. Remote access software can provide a great experience for teachers and students, no matter where they are studying. AnyViewer is highly recommended and by using it teachers can easily get access to all kinds of documentation on school devices. In addition, it is very fast and easy to transfer tasks or documents from the teacher to the students and to submit assignments to the teacher during the course. AnyViewer also creates groups for teachers to manage students in different classes more efficiently. Hurry up and use AnyViewer for a smooth and fast experience.