By Canace / Last Updated October 8, 2021

Control Work Computer from Home

Need to control work computer from home for remote working

Nowadays, people are more likely to work at home. This working model is called remote working, offering employees a relaxing circumstance that can improve their productivity and working passion. It not only helps employees save commuting time but also draws rein for the employers.

Employees who have to work with computers, especially technological workers, need to use some data stored on the corporate computer during telecommuting or need to do some operations like running apps on the corporate computer to finish their work.  And the first step to realizing remote working is setting up unattended access to work PC from home. 

Free & safe remote desktop software: control work computer from home 

If you ever have the question that "how can I control a work computer from home", keep reading and you can get to know to use the third-party remote deskotp software, AnyViewer to remote into work computer from home. 

For Windows users, AnyViewer can be a perfect choice. It can be used on all editions of Windows 11/0/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012 R2 while you can't use RDC to connect to a computer that is running Windows 10 Home as Windows 10 Home Edition doesn't support Remote Desktop. It is rather simple to operate, without requiring signing up for an account or changing Windows settings. Now, download the tool on your home PC and work PC and follow the steps on how to control work computer from home or anywhere for free. 

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 & 2019/2016/2012R2
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run AnyViewer on the home and work computer. And you can see the device ID and temporary security code, assigned by AnyViewer.  Temporary code changes after you restart AnyViewer. 

Temporary Code

Step 2. To set a permanent security code for the work computer, go to Settings>Recipient, check Allow to accept remote control and Set my security code. And then type your own security into the entry bar and save your operation. Remember this security code for it will be used in the later procedures.


Step 3. On your home computer, enter the device ID of the work computer and click Connect. Choose Input security code checkbox and type the security code you set on the work PC. After you click OK, you can remotely control the work computer.

Connection method

If your work computer is installed with iOS or Linux operating system, you can use another free remote desktop software, Chrome Remote Desktop.  It's a little bit complained to use it to control another computer but it can support multiple platforms. Now, check out the steps on how to access work computer from home using Chrome Remote Desktop. 

Step 1.  Run Chrome browser on the office PC and home PC. Log in to the same Google account and go to Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 2. Click the download icon to download Chrome Remote Desktop.  After that, add Chrome Remote Desktop extension. 


Step 3. On the office computer, click Turn on to allow remote access to it. 

Turn on

Step 4. Enter the computer name of the work computer and click Next. Then, type your PIN twice and click Start.  


Step 5. In the home computer, you can see the computer name that you set for your work computer. Click it and enter the PIN to connect to the work computer from home. 

Enter the Setup PIN


This post introduces two free remote desktop applications that can help you control work computer from home or somewhere else. For Windows users, AnyViewer shall be the proper one as its ultra-simple operation and intuitive interface. For Linux and iOS users, Chrome Remote Desktop can be helpful!