By Ellie / Last Updated November 15, 2021

How to change screen resolution of remote desktop?

“Here’s a thing that annoys me for a really long time. I used Remote Desktop Connection to remotely access my university Windows 10 computer and use a lot of university applications to finish my studies, and it worked great. The only issue I have is that the screen display isn’t very good. I can see pixels, just like my grandmother’s 1970s television. This irritates me greatly. So, how can I change screen resolution of Remote Desktop Connection?”

Two solutions to change screen resolution of remote desktop

Here we sort out two ways about how to change screen resolution on Remote Desktop on Windows 11/10/8/7. It’s worth mentioning that Remote Desktop doesn’t allow users to change the screen resolution during a remote session, so please make sure to adjust the screen resolution before you connect to any computer. 

Solution 1. Edit the Display Configuration

Step 1. Search for Remote Desktop Connection in the search box and then open it.


Step 2. Find and click Show Options.

Show Options

Step 3. Switch to the Display tab, find Display configuration, you’ll see a slider in the middle. Then slide the slider to select the resolution that is closest to what you want.

Display Configuration

Solution 2. Edit the screen resolution size within the RDP file

Step 1. On the General tab, find Connection settings and click Save As.

Save as RDP File

 Step 2. Enter the file name you want for the file and then click Save. For example, I save it as “remote-desktop-home” here. And please remember the file location.

RDP File Name

Step 3. Find the file you just saved and right-click it. Then open it with Notepad.

Open with Notepad

Step 4. After you open the file in Notepad, you can adjust the “desktopwidth” and “desktopheight” to the pixel settings you want. For example, mine is set to 800 × 600.

Width Height

AnyViewer: change screen resolution during remote session easily

Some users may feel the process of changing screen resolution on Remote Desktop a little bit troublesome. Therefore, we recommend you a free remote access software, AnyViewer, which allows you to change screen resolution even during a remote session. After successfully connecting, there’s taskbar on the middle top of the screen, you can just click Resolution and then change the resolution into the one you want without ending the remote session, which is really convenient.


In addition to enable you change the screen resolution easily, there are a lot of other options for you on the taskbar. You can change the image quality easily. You can also take quick operation, such as lock, restart, or shutdown the computer easily.  

In the next part, we’ll show you how to remotely access another computer with AnyViewer before you can change the screen resolution during remote session.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Methods 1. Send a control request

Step 1. Download, install, and open AnyViewer on both devices. Input the device ID of the host computer and then click Connect.


Step 2. Click Send a control request to your partner.

Send a Control Request to Your Partner

Step 3. On the host computer, click the green button to make the connection successful.

Request to Control Your Device

Methods 2. Input security code

Step 1. On the host computer, go to Settings > Recipient. Tick the third option and then set the permanent security code.  

Accept Remote Control

Step 2. On the client computer, input the device ID of the host computer and then click Connect.


Step 3. Choose Input a security code and click OK (the controller can input either the permanent security code or the temporary security code of the recipient).

Security Code


After reading this post, we have known two ways to change the screen resolution of the remote computer while using Remote Desktop Connection? On the one hand, you can change it by editing the Display Configuration. On the other hand, you can change it by editing the screen resolution size within the RDP file.

Besides, you can also use AnyViewer, a free and easy-to-use remote access software. With it, you can change the screen resolution during remote sessions easily.