By Carolyn / Last Updated October 17, 2023

Why can't I click on AnyDesk?


I have AnyDesk installed on my work computer, and I use AnyDesk to connect from my home to my work computer on a daily basis during home quarantine. However, I am facing mouse problems now. I can see the cursor and move it correctly, but whenever I try to click, it doesn't work. This is really annoying and thanks in advance for your input.

- Question from Reddit

AnyDesk as a remote desktop program allows users to remotely control unattended computers from almost anywhere. However, many users encounter a lot of problems when using it, such as the AnyDesk mouse click not working Windows problem. This may be encountered because there is a problem with the mouse that is not working properly, or it may be because there is a problem with AnyDesk. But don't worry, keep reading this article and you will get the solution.

How to fix AnyDesk mouse not working [4 solutions]

Now you must be dying to know how to fix the problem so that the mouse works properly when using AnyDesk. Don't worry, the following four solutions are brought to you right away.

Solution 1. Check the mouse working condition

Checking that the mouse is working is necessary before trying anything else. You can check if the mouse works by plugging it into another computer, or you can try with a new mouse. Checking that the mouse is working is necessary before trying anything else. You can check if the mouse works by plugging it into another computer, or you can try with a new mouse. If the check reveals that the mouse is not working properly, then you just need to replace the mouse with a new one to solve the AnyDesk mouse not working problem.

Solution 2. Modify mouse settings

If you check and find that the mouse is working properly without problems, then you can choose to change your computer mouse settings to try to fix the AnyDesk mouse click not working Windows problem, here are the steps to do so.

Step 1. Press the “Win+I” at the same time to open the Windows Settings.

Step 2. Find the “Ease of Access” and click it.

Step 3. Find “Mouse” on the left-hand side and click on Open, then click on “Control your mouse with a keypad” on the right-hand side.

Step 4. Now you can easily control the mouse cursor using the numeric keypad. This forces Windows to believe that the mouse is always connected.

Solution 3. Reinstall AnyDesk

If neither of these methods helps you to resolve the AnyDesk mouse not working issue, then you may choose to reinstall AnyDesk in order to proceed with trying to fix the issue.

Step 1. Press the “Win+R” at the same time to open the Run box. Then you should copy and paste the uninstall string in the Run box and click “OK”.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\AnyDesk\AnyDesk.exe" --uninstall

Step 2. Then follow the prompts to complete the uninstallation task.

Step 3. Please visit AnyDesk's official website to download the latest version.

Solution 4. Contact AnyDesk technical support

If this problem persists after reinstalling AnyDesk, you can contact AnyDesk technical support for problem feedback and resolution.

Step 1. Launch AnyDesk on your device and click on the four horizontal lines icon in the top right corner, then click "Help" to open it.

Step 2. Then you are already on the AnyDesk website, just click on “Contact technical support” next.

AnyViewer: The best AnyDesk alternative without mouse issue

By trying the above solutions, your AnyDesk mouse click not working issue may have been resolved. However, even though we tried each solution separately, some of our users were still unable to resolve the issue. Then it is highly recommended that you use the AnyDesk alternative. AnyViewer deserves to be recommended as a comprehensive, secure, reliable, and free remote control software.

AnyViewer has been praised by many users for its stability, reliability, and speed. You don't need to worry about mouse clicks because AnyViewer can make your remote session process fast and smooth without any errors. It not only works with multiple Windows versions such as Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2, but also supports installation and iOS systems.

On top of that, it offers a lot of other great features, including one-click control, remote unattended access, file transfer, remote sound, text chat, multi-monitor support, and more.

Hurry up and click the download button to start trying it out.

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Step 1. Launch AnyViewer on both devices. Click "Log in" and then choose "Sign up".

Step 2. Fill in the registration form information.

Step 3. You will then see that you have successfully authenticated into AnyViewer, and your device will be allocated to the account into which you logged.

Step 4. After that navigate to the “Device”, select the device you need to connect to, and click on “One-click control” to enable unattended remote access.

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Now you must know how to fix the AnyDesk mouse click not working problem. If after trying all the solutions you still can't solve the AnyDesk mouse click not working problem, we strongly recommend you choose AnyViewer, which will bring you a smoother and better experience without worrying about the mouse clicks problem. What are you waiting for? Give it a shot right now!