Why Establish Remote Desktop Connection with AnyViewer?

After you establish remote desktop connection, you can work remotely, offer remote assistance and do something else without physical appearance. AnyViewer can be your perfect solution for remote desktop access and control with user-friendly interface and considerate features.

The remote desktop software can be used to access work computer when you are at home, on the go, or somewhere else or control client’s computer for instant remote assistance. It saves your time wasting on the road, improves work experience and raises your efficiency.

What Makes AnyViewer Remote Desktop Outstanding?

  • End-to-end encryption

    Keep data security with end-to-end encryption via strong 256-Bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm.

  • Quick and stable connection

    Grant quick and stable access to remote computer without lagging.

  • Easy install and operate

    It’s fast to complete AnyViewer installation. After simple setup, unattended remote access is available.

Immersive and Secure Remote Desktop Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is remote desktop?

    Remote desktop is a technological solution that enables users to remotely access and take control of a computer or device, usually over the internet.

  • How does remote desktop work?

    Remote desktop works by establishing a connection between a local computer and a remote computer or server. Through this connection, the local computer sends commands and receives screen updates via the network, enabling the user to interact with the remote computer.

  • Is AnyViewer remote desktop secure?

    AnyViewer remote desktop connection is absolutely secure with 256-bit ECC end-to-end encryption.

  • What devices can I use for AnyViewer remote desktop access?

    You can access remote desktop from Windows, Android, or iOS based device with AnyViewer.

  • Can I transfer files during a remote desktop session over AnyViewer?

    Yes, you can easily transfer files during a remote desktop session or start file transfer directly via AnyViewer.

Customer Reviews


AnyViewer is a great software for remote desktop access. It work smoothly when I use it to control my office computer from my iPad on the go.


Quick installation, fast access and stable connection. I can’t expect more from this remote desktop connection tool.


I have used the free version for a period of time. It is powerful enough for me to work remotely. Recently, I have upgrade to Professional, which allows to assign more computers.


Thanks! The software is so easy to use for a newbie in remote desktop connection. Install, sign up and connect. That’s all!


Great product and affordable price. It is easy to install and setup. And I can use it to transfer files between my home computer and office computer quickly.


It keeps connection stably and there is almost no delay! I use it to solve the issues on my mother's computer effortlessly.

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