Your Data, Device, Connection are Safe with AnyViewer

Safe Device Access

With rich & strong access settings supported by industrial level security code technologies, AnyViewer ensures your device access safety.

Privacy in Process

Rigorous privacy protection for the whole process of your remote control from the beginning to the end.

Encrypted Connection

With leading Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption, you get fully assured security for the device accessed and data transferred.

Trustworthy Remote Control. All Best Security Practices

Secure Pre-Control Operation

First, you need to verify an email when you sign up for AnyViewer account. By inputting the verification code, you are protected from malicious activities before remote connection.

Permission-Based Security

You can freely choose defined authorization, like blocking the recipient’s mouse and keyboard, protecting your working information from falsifying when others sit in front of the remote computer.

Interactive Access

The success of remote connection is decided by the owner of the recipient computer. Your remote connection can only be established by sending out a control request, which next must be accepted by the recipient.

Security Infrastructure

    The operation of AnyViewer is based on secure network and computing environment, including Elliptic Curve Cryptography(ECC) and firewalls at network.

Privacy Protection

If you have to leave for a while from your working PC or disconnected, AnyViewer offers the function, like locking the device or blacking the screen. In this way, you privacy is perfectly protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between temporary security code and security code?

    The temporary security code is generated automatically by AnyViewer and it always changes if you restart the app. The security code is set manually and it won't change even you restart the app or the computer.

  • Do I have to input (temporary) security code to realize unattended access?

    The first way is to input security code to realize access and the second one is to input the device ID of the host computer.

  • During remote control, how are data transfers secured?

    Anyviewer adopts Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption technology to ensure your data safe.

Customer Reviews

AnyViewer is really helpful. For our employees, many of us have the need to transfer their data and files remotely. Anyviewer not only helps us to solve our problems, but also the software secure our working files. It is so convenient and perfect!

Mike S

For a remote control software, Anyviewer allows me to control the host computer and access everything I want in the remote computer. I can be free from worries that my personal information and privacy will be leaked because of its strong security settings and security code ensures malicious access.

Lori B

Here, I strongly recommend AnyViewer with you! When we start to work or do some private things on our computer, we often don’t want others to see the content of our screen. Anyviewer offers strong and rich settings, like black the screen, lock the mouse and keyboard of the host computer. In this way, I can perfectly protect my information.

Sumedh S

What I value most is security. AnyViewer is safe and secure enough. My partners usually mentioned that their working files and data are extremely sensitive. AnyViewer is the perfect software that meet their demands.

Karl T

AnyViewer is trustworthy. It is an user-friendly software. When you enter the control interface, you can make the screen adaptive, change the resolution and the image quality. All these settings are designed from the demands of users. And you can get free trial!

Marat W

So fast and stable connection and control! It is unbelievable ! For me, I can safely access an support my mom with Anyviewer when she stays alone. Every step is so smooth. So, my friends, trust me and take actions right now!

Fahad K

Secure Remote Control with AnyViewer

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