By Ellie / Last Updated July 1, 2022

Want to transfer files from Windows to iPad without iTunes

Hello, everyone. I want to transfer files from Windows to iPad. But I don’t want to waste time installing and using iTunes. It depresses me a lot because while transferring files from Windows to iPad with it, all the existing data is being erased and it can’t be recovered anymore. Therefore, I’m looking for other ways to transfer files. Any suggestions?

How do I transfer files from Windows to iPad?

To transfer files from Windows to iPad without iTunes, here we provide you with 3 easy ways to achieve it. You may get what you want in this post.

Method 1. Transfer files by using cloud storage

Here are 2 ways of cloud storage to transfer files, like iCloud Drive and Google Drive. All of them can realize file transfer from Windows to iPad. Follow me to know how it works.

☞ iCloud Drive

Step 1. Click on iCloud Drive in the browser and then open the iCloud login page.

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID email address and password to sign in to your iCloud account.

Sign In to iCloud

Step 3. Drag files to iCloud Drive Folder.

iCloud Drive

Step 4. Enter the files through iCloud and open it.

☞ Google Drive

Step 1. Go to Google Drive from your PC.

Step 2. Tap the “New” button.

Step 3. Choose the “File upload option to upload files or folders.

File Upload

Step 4. After uploading you can see the files on your Drive account immediately.

Step 5. Go to the Apple Store on your iPad, download, and install Google Drive on your iPad.

Google Drive

Step 6. Log in with the required credentials. Then you can see the synced files from your computer in the Google Drive account.

Method 2. Transfer files by using Email

We can also use Email to transfer files, which is relatively more secure and more convenient. But the email file transfer has some attachment size limitations. If the file is not too big, email can be a good solution.

Step 1. Choose the specific files you need, just send them as an Email attachment to yourself.

Step 2. On your iPad, log in with the same email account.

Step 3. Open the file on your iPad and the file will be available locally.


Method 3. Transfer files by using Remote Desktop

Apart from that, we can also transfer files from Windows to iPad by using Microsoft Remote Desktop, a Windows built-in feature, allowing you to remote control a server. After enabling the Remote Desktop of the PC, the remote server can be accessed and used to transfer files.

Step 1. Download RD Client in the app store on your iPad.

Download RD Client

Step 2. Click “+” sign.

Add PC

Step 3. Click Desktop to add a new desktop.

Add New Desktop

Step 4. Enter the desktop name or IP address.

Desktop Name

Step 5. Click Additional Options to do a little further configuration.

Additional Options

Step 6. You can configure Friendly Name, Gateway, Sound, or choose to enable Swap Mouse Buttons and Admin Mode or not. After configuration, click Desktop.

Add Additional Options

Step 7. Then the desktop of the computer will appear in the main Remote Desktop window.

Remote Desktop

Step 8. If you see a screen telling you that the PC is not verified, tap Accept to continue with the connection. You can also turn on the Don’t ask me again for connection to this computer option if you’d rather not see the message again.

Accept Authentication

Step 9. After successfully connecting your iPad to the Windows server, there will be a menu on the middle top of the screen. You can tap the middle button to open a few Remote Desktop options.

Remote Desktop Menu

Step 10. Now, you can transfer files by long-pressing the files folder to copy it on Windows and then pasting it on iPad.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that if the 2 PCs are not on the same LAN, you need to perform port forwarding firstly. If you meet with some errors, you can also use remote access software-- AnyViewer, which can easily help you avoid many troubles. Here are two versions for Windows and iOS respectively. Click on them to have a try.


After the analysis, you must know how to transfer files from Windows to iPad. In addition to using Drive and email, we can also resort to Microsoft Remote Desktop, a windows built-in feature that can be used to remote control and access. But if 2 PCs are not at the same LAN, you can also try AnyViewer, which can give you a lot of help.