2024 Tutorial: TeamViewer Turn Off New Interface [3 Ways]

Searching for the way Teamviewer turn off new interface? Check out this detailed step-by-step guide and you can easily find Teamviewer turn off new interface. Start reading now to find out.


By Carolyn / Updated on January 24, 2024

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How do I switch back to the old TeamViewer interface?


The recent interface is quite unpleasant. At first, I agreed to the small pop-up that suggested trying it, but now I wish to revert to the previous version, and I can't locate an option to do so.

- Question from TeamViewer Community


TeamViewer is a leading name in remote desktop solutions that is constantly evolving to enhance user experience. TeamViewer can not only access computers remotely, but also share Android screens. It is also constantly updating the software, however, after the latest update, some users may prefer the familiar classic interface to the new one. In this article, we'll explore the steps to close TeamViewer's new interface, allowing users to customize their experience to their liking.

TeamViewer turn off new interface [3ways]

TeamViewer regularly rolls out updates to improve functionality and user interface design. The new interface is designed to provide a modern and streamlined experience, but many users have reported that the new interface is difficult to use and gives them a negative experience. Don’t worry, this article will bring you three methods to solve TeamViewer disable new interface.

Way 1. Click New version

This is the simplest and most straightforward method and the first solution you should try. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1. Launch TeamViewer on your device.


Step 2. Find the "New interface" button in the upper right corner and click to close.


Step 3. Then you will see a pop-up window. Click "Restart" on the pop-up window to successfully switch back to the old version of the interface.


Way 2. Change the setting

If you don’t find the New interface button, then you can take the second method and change the settings to replace the TeamViewer interface. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Launch TeamViewer on your devices.


Step 2. Find the "Settings” icon in the left panel and click it.


Step 3. After step 2, find “General” on the left and click it.


Step 4. In the General tab, you can find “Use new TeamViewer interface” and uncheck this option.


Step 5. Click "Restart" on the pop-up window to successfully switch back to the old version of the interface.


Way 3. Through TeamViewer_Settings.reg

If neither of the above two methods helps you solve the problem of how to turn off TeamViewer new interface, then you can try the third method. Change the TeamViewer interface by changing TeamViewer_Settings.reg. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Simultaneously press "Win+R" to open the Run box, type "regedit," and then click "OK."


Step 2. Enter Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer above and press Enter to confirm.


Step 3. Then, find the key named UIVersion on the right and double-click to open it.


Step 4. After double-clicking, a pop-up window will open. Change the value “4” in Value data to “2” and click "OK".


Step 3. After the modification is successful, restart TeamViewer to successfully disable new interface.

AnyViewer: Best free TeamViewer alternative with user-friendly interface

Tired of the troubles caused by TeamViewer interface issues? Even if the change using the third method is successful, it will have an impact on the daily use of TeamViewer. According to user feedback, after returning to the old interface through the third method, a problem occurs that does not allow you to click "Grant Easy Access". So we strongly recommend you to choose an alternative to TeamViewer.

Among the many alternatives to TeamViewer, AnyViewer stands out as your best choice. AnyViewer is a free, secure and user-friendly remote desktop software. AnyViewer has a stylish and user-friendly interface that helps users connect easily and quickly, avoiding complex learning curves and allowing users to easily master how to use AnyViewer. The streamlined connection algorithm guarantees a fast and seamless screen-sharing experience, minimizing latency for optimal performance.

Most importantly, AnyViewer offers a free version suitable for both personal and commercial use. This version comes with no functional limitations and provides ample features and permissions to fulfill diverse user requirements. However, TeamViewer is only free for private use and has high restrictions, which is inconvenient for users.

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Step 1. Start by downloading and launching AnyViewer on both devices. Click "Log in" and then select "Sign up" to create a new account. Log in using the same account on both of your devices.


Step 2. After successfully logging in to AnyViewer, you'll see that your login is complete, and your device is automatically linked to the logged-in account.


Step 3. Navigate to "Device," choose the device you want to connect to, and click "One-click control" to instantly establish unattended remote access.


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This article provides you with 3 methods to help you solve the problem of TeamViewer turn off new interface. The option to turn off the new interface allows users to choose an interface that matches their preferences and workflow. However many users face a lot of problems when changing the interface. Overall, TeamViewer's new interface is not very popular. So we strongly recommend you to use AnyViewer as your new best choice.

AnyViewer provides users with a simple and direct interface and is easy to operate, allowing users to use it easily without any other worries.