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No sound from remote computer, worked previously


I've been using the free version of TeamViewer to access my home computer for a while now. However, starting last week, I've been facing an issue where I can't hear any audio when I connect. I reached out to TeamViewer on Twitter about a week ago, but haven't received a response yet. So, I'm hoping that posting my problem here will help me find a solution.”

- Question from TeamViewer Community

How to fix TeamViewer sound not working

When TeamViewer sound not working, there are several settings that you can check to fix this issue.

Method 1. Enable Play computer sounds and music

To address the TeamViewer audio not working issue, the first solution involves ensuring that the "Play computer sounds and music" setting is enabled. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Access the TeamViewer Options window.


Step 2. Navigate to the Remote control section located on the left side of the window.

Step 3. On the right side of the pane, locate the Remote control defaults category.

Step 4. Verify that the "Play computer sounds and music" option is checked.

Play Computer Sounds and Musics

Method 2. Change the “Speakers” option

Another effective method to resolve the audio issue in TeamViewer is to modify the "Speakers" option, despite its misleading placement and labeling. Contrary to expectations, this setting governs not only the remote device's microphone input but also the playback of all sounds originating from it.

Step 1. Open the TeamViewer application and access the Options menu.

Step 2. Navigate to the Audio Conferencing section.

Step 3. Under the "Voice Playback" category, locate the "Speakers" option. Change the setting to "Standard playback device".

Standard Playback Device

Method 3. Check “Computer sound”

To ensure that the remote sound in TeamViewer is functioning properly, it is important to verify that the "Computer sound" option is enabled on both ends of the connection. This may cause TeamViewer remote sound not working.

Step 1. Initiate a remote session using TeamViewer.

Step 2. Once the session is established, locate the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Under the "Communicate" section of the toolbar, ensure that the checkbox for "Computer sound" is checked, indicated by a checkmark.

Computer Sound

Method 4. Upgrade to the newest version

Keeping your TeamViewer client up-to-date is crucial as using an outdated version can lead to various issues. To ensure smooth functioning, it is recommended to regularly check for the latest releases from TeamViewer's official website. Follow these steps to check for updates and install them if available:

Step 1. Click on the menu icon within the TeamViewer application.

Step 2. From the menu options, select the "Check for new version" feature.

Check for New Versions

Step 3. The application will now verify if your current version is up-to-date. If updates are available, proceed with downloading and installing the latest version provided by TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Update Window

The bottom line

After diligently following the provided solutions, the TeamViewer sound not working issue is expected to be successfully resolved.

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