By Ellie / Last Updated April 8, 2022

Why do you need to remote control PC?

Remote control a PC means you can control its mouse and keyboard and access everything on it from a different location over remote control software. People need to remote control a PC for different reasons.

For example, some people need remote access software for business. It makes it possible for business professionals to remotely access important files stored on their workplace computer from home or any other place, or to remotely provide technical support for their colleagues or clients to help them fix computer problems.

Except for business reasons, some people also need remote control software to help them control their parents’ computers, as most of their parents rely heavily on them to troubleshoot computer issues.

People choose to use different remote control software according to different situations. For some companies who have more needs and requirements on remote control, they may choose commercial remote control software, as they provide more additional functions. For some people, the functions of free remote control software can already meet their needs.

Besides, people can also choose different remote control software based on their operating systems. For Windows users, they have a broad range of choices. For example, Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) is a free remote control software designed especially for Windows users. 

However, RDP requires users to change a series of settings on their computers, including Windows versions (if you’re running a Windows Home edition on a PC to which you want to make a connection), firewall settings, network configurations. Besides, users always face problems like Remote Desktop option is greyed out, your credentials did not work, and RDP audio not working, making it tough for users to remote control over RDP.

AnyViewer: software for remote control PC free download of full version for Windows

If you’re a Windows user and are looking for a remote desktop software free download for any reason, here we recommend you AnyViewer. AnyViewer is very easy to download and operate compared to other remote control software, like Microsoft Remote Desktop we’ve mentioned before. It is a comprehensive remote control solution. It’s appraised by lots of users for its quick and smooth connection, high security, and simple operation. Besides, it’s worth trying for the following reasons:   

  • As a business professional, AnyViewer can help you to remotely get anything you need on another computer or to provide timely remote support for your clients, which replaces time-consuming and cost-increasing on-site services.
  • As an individual user, AnyViewer can help you remotely control your friends’ or family members’ computers, and help them solve computer problems.
  • It’s totally free, without any additional charge. Free download, free use, no extra commercial services.  
  • It supports various Windows versions, including Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2, which means it can be used on most computers running Windows systems.
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How to complete remote control PC over AnyViewer?

AnyViewer requires only a few simple steps to set up and use. After you free download the remote control PC software on the devices, follow the steps below to start unattended remote access right away.

Step 1. Download, install, launch AnyViewer on both your home and office computers.


Step 2. Go to Log in, and then click Sign up. (If you already have signed up on its official website, you can log in directly.)

Log in AnyViewer

Step 3. Fill in the signup information.

Sign Up for AnyViewer

Step 4. Then you can see you successfully logged in to AnyViewer. Your device will automatically be assigned to the account you've logged in to.

Free Editions

Step 5. Log in to the same AnyViewer account on the two devices, then click Remote control to achieve unattended remote access.

Connect to My Devices

Note: If you upgrade your account to Professional or Enterprise edition, then you’ll have more rights. You can assign more devices. Also, you can connect to another computer in privacy mode, which means you can black the screen and block the mouse and keyboard of the remote computer.

In addition, AnyViewer can also provide users with some practical functions for remote control after a successful connection. Such as lock, logout, restart, command prompt (cmd), etc.


Users can choose image quality according to the network connection speed. If the network connection speed is better, it can provide a higher image quality. The default wallpaper hiding function makes the remote connection smoother.

Image Quality

AnyViewer also provides users with different resolutions. Users can choose according to their preferences.